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Quickly De-icing Your Windshield

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Instead of using expensive de-icer on your car windscreen in the cold weather, or trying to scrape ice off with a rubber scraper thingie, pour warm water (not boiling!) over all your car windows and switch on the windscreen wipers to stop it freezing over again. This way you won't have to spend ages standing outside in the cold to de-ice your car.

By Beth from England


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By Billy At O.01/02/2013

Never put warm or hot water on your windshield... it may not crack it that time or even the next few times, but it will eventually because it causes the molecular structure of the windshield to weaken with the sudden change of surface temperature. use water alcohol vinegar solution and experiment with the amounts. Put all in a spray bottle.

By teresa [6]01/24/2012

The man is right but it should be 90% rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle. Just spray and it melts the ice making it much faster to thaw and won't crack the glass!

By Sheila [3]01/24/2012

Even warm water can crack your windshield, I know from my own experience. Not a good idea!

By dakota [4]01/23/2012

When it is below zero, even warm water will make a small chip crack a window.

Instead, I have a nylon windshield cover that shuts in the doors to keep it on and when I take it off, the window is entirely clear. No standing around scraping or using warm water to make ice. purchased it at walmart.

prior to that i used a piece of heavy canvas in the same way. you could use one on the front and one on the back if necessary.

always put the windshield wipers either in the air or on top of the cloth to prevent freezing to the window.

By Sandi [390]01/23/2012

She said warm never hot. I lived in AK for five winters and warm water refreezes almost instantly but cool water helps. Most of the time up there, we plug our cars into the posts and buildings along most of the businesses and just have to wait for the defroster to work.
Most of us don't have garages, so we who don't have to deal with it anyway we can. This is a good tip. Thanks.

By Frugal Sunnie [11]01/23/2012

This does work a treat! I used to add a bit of white vinegar to the water as it seemed to help, too.

By PamQuackenbush11/07/2008

I park in the garage!

By Dorina (Guest Post)11/05/2008

At night, I lift my wipers so they are not laying on my car.

In the morning, I spray my windshield with a deicer made for car windshields and it melts the ice in seconds. Push it off with an old broom. Lay my wipers down and off I go.

I carry this spray in my car, so I can use it anytime. Doesn't hurt the paint or car at all. Can buy in any auto store, Walmart or Target. One or two bottles get me through the winter usually with some left over. (There are several brand names out there and it is under $4.)

By Phil (Guest Post)12/01/2006

Alcohol works.

You can spray/pour it on the windshield.

Alternatively, you can go back inside and have a beer.

By Brenda11/18/2006

We dont have much snow what we have is called black ice so every year we use cold water we never use warm or hot water on windshield the temperature will cause crack or actually break the window

By Beth (Guest Post)11/08/2006

If the water is too hot, you'll run the risk of breaking the windscreen. Fairly cold water will actually melt the ice, without cracking the glass.

By Coreen Hart [73]11/08/2006

Maybe it depends on how cold it is. My husband did this and cracked the windshield badly from top to bottom.

By Ruth Kennedy [4]11/07/2006

Hi~~this really works. My hubby has done this for yrs and it does saves lots of time scraping :0)

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