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My son says he would like to have a boy-girl party this year. I'm wondering if he's old enough. He's 13 going on 14. And I think he wants to have a mature party. With intimate games (7 minutes in heaven). I am a little uneasy if that is what he is going for. So please give me your opinions.

LeAnn from Tulsa, Oklahoma



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By momma30 (Guest Post) 08/28/2007

Your house, your rules. END OF STORY!

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By Allison 21 158 08/28/2007

As long as the party is supervised, things won't get intimate. Just make sure you supervise and it seems to me it should be ok.

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By Terri 6 36 08/28/2007

I think not. Other parents may not be happy with this type of party, since every parent has different ideas of what is appropriate. Once you ok this type of party it will be hard to say no next time and your son may expect this type of party in the future and as he gets older the stakes may become higher. I don't think that there is anything wrong will co-ed parties. Maybe the two of you can sit down and plan games and activities together that everyone can enjoy. I know that alot of people feel that boys will be boys, but remember those girls are someones daughters. Also it is a good frame work for you to set on how you expect him to respect females and that you can have fun without 7 min in heaven that he will carry for life. Trust me the parents of thoses daughters will thank you.

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By Patty 2 40 08/28/2007

I would be very upset if my daughter went to that type of party. Have you questioned the other parents as to what they think? I feel that allowing this would be sending the wrong message to your son.

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By Fionar Booker 08/28/2007

He's too young for that sort of party. But, since he's open enough with you to ask, I'd be delicate when turning him down. I might say that in a few years you'd support those kinds of games but for now it's not appropriate.

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By marie (Guest Post) 08/28/2007

If your son wants to have girls at his party, then have specific activities that are well planned and chaperoned! A boy/girl unsupervised party is NEVER appropriate under any circumstances! Buy some pizza dough & sauce from your favorite pizza place, or just buy frozen pizza. Have the guests add more toppings, & have a bake your own pizza party! Also, the Zoom website at http:www.pbs.org has lots of fun games, indoor & outdoor. Show your son & his friends that it is fun to have group activities, because when they date, they will get some fun ideas to do as groups. Bored kids + bad ideas = Trouble!

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By mmto4 (Guest Post) 08/29/2007

My kids are grown but I would be real careful about having any kind of party actually for teenagers. You need to know who the kids are & remember YOU are responsible for everything that goes on. Some kids might smuggle something that is a no no to the party not to mention actions. If they leave & get hurt you could still be held accountable. When my kids were small they had slumber parties etc. but as they got older we had things such as bowling, ice skating etc. One time when my son was 16 he had gone to a party & unknown to us he gave a girl & her friend a ride over to someone's house. The next day her father was calling our house griping that his daughter had not come home etc. Our son was home with us & we told him we could not control his daughter's actions. Bottom line know the kids & make sure kids that are not invited don't suddenly show up which happens quite often. People think it is hard supervising toddlers but it is nothing compared to raising teenagers. Even if your kid is a little darling you have to worry about other people's kids as well. A lot of their parents could care less what their kid is up to unless someone gets hurt. My kids are successful educators so just when we think we have seen it all we realize we haven't. Your son is too young, period, for that kind of party. Unless you are prepared for a lawsuit I would definitely say no. Just remember that mother on TV that there was underage drinking & somebody had a stripper come to her son's party & she ended up going to prison.

You are the parent he is the child. Kids do not know what is best for them & sometimes the answer just has to be no. Lets see what we can come up with instead that would be fun.

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By Jen (Guest Post) 09/21/2007

I am having a boy/girl party next weekend for 12/13 yr olds. I have an outdoor scavenger hunt, a relay, a tie-dye station and volleyball planned. The boys can only stay from 6pm-9pm and ten must be picked up. Afterwards the girls can start their sleepover. My husband and I will be supervising. And I put that on the invitaions in BOLD print. Supervised = OK. Good Luck.

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By S (Guest Post) 11/25/2007

Definitely let him! If you don't let him do something as little as 7 minutes in heaven at home he will do MUCH worse out side of home...trust me.

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By lulu (Guest Post) 12/08/2007

Let them have awesome memories.

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By lASHAWN (Guest Post) 05/06/2008

I think that it will be appropriate for him to express his feelings with girls. Your son will be happy that his mother did something for him.

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By Sara (Guest Post) 06/24/2008

Allow your son to have the party. But make it clear, they should not play those kind of games. Turn on some fun music for them to dance to and have enough snacks and refreshments! Keep them busy, if they are busy doing other things, there shouldn't be problems with games like that. Make sure to check in on the party area every once in a while to make sure everything is going smoothly

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By momma23 (Guest Post) 08/06/2008

i think dat u should let him have the party but make sure you check on them every 10/20 mins that way you no there not doing any thing wrong

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By momma31 (Guest Post) 08/09/2008

I think it is ok to have girl-boy party as long as it is supervised. They have to learn how to interact with each other in a positive way and we as parents have to teach them. Let's keep it Real! I am planning my daughter 13 b-day and there will be some boys but me and my husband will select the ones that can come and girls. the parents are invited if they choice to come. we will have plenty of activities for them as well. Good Luck!

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By d (Guest Post) 08/13/2008

I am 12 years old and I am having my first boy girl party. We are planning to watch a movie and play volleyball and stuff. That way we are always busy so we don't have time for things like 7 minutes in heaven.

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By (Guest Post) 08/20/2008

I'm actually throwing my bff a birthday party in my backyard. It's for 14/15 yr olds and I have no games planned. Some of us are very close but some no one have met before. It is a boy/girl party and I'm trying to make it perfect for her. Any ideas? And to help you out there's a game called toilet paper secrets. When the guests arrive, tear off a few sheets of t/p. When everyone's arrived, have them sit in a circle and tell as many secrets as they have squares of t/p.

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By LaLa (Guest Post) 08/29/2008

I would let him do it but those games are over the top, I would not let him do the 7 mins. in heaven

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By 15. (Guest Post) 09/14/2008

let ur son have the party. need to trust him more cuz i have boy-girl parties all the time and we play those games. nothing that bad happens and if u dont let him then i can promise you he will do far worse outside the home. ive seen that happn b4. not too pretty

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By (Guest Post) 10/16/2008

Oh come on. If your son is going on 14 and his friends are within a year of that age let them have fun. Trust me there still at too much of an akward age to go anyfarther than a 10 second "makeout". If you don't let him he will always think it's wrong to be curious and feel ashamed of himself for feeling that way. Just let them have fun and keep an easy eye on them. Maybe every 30 minutes check up on them but makesure you don't walk in on a kiss because then the party will be akward for the rest of the night. Hope this helps :)

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By Kate (Guest Post) 12/07/2008

Let him do it. Many kids have friends that are of the opposite gender, and this is their time to get to know them better. As long as you supervise and check on the party every 10-20 minutes or so, things should be fine.

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By ME! (Guest Post) 12/21/2008

You should totally let him have the party! Okay, I have a TON of guy friends, and the idea of playing 7 minutes in heaven with them makes me want to PUKE! As long as you supervise it (maybe check in every half-hour), nothing should get out of hand. Trust your son, and I don't think he'll disapoint you.

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