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Making Towels Soft

Fluffy white towels.

Hard scratchy towels are probably not what you want to use after your shower. This is a guide about making towels soft.


Solutions: Making Towels Soft

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Tip: Drying Tips for Softer Towels

I have tried everything over the years to make my towels soft. First was the fabric softener and dryer sheets, then the baking soda and vinegar. Although I still use the vinegar, they were still scratchy. I searched the internet for solutions and found the answer.

I was doing two things wrong when I washed my towels, first I was putting too many towels in the washer. Second I was drying on too high a heat, set your dryer to medium heat. I have washed my towels twice since and they are a lot softer now, I'm sure on there way to being very soft.

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Here are questions related to Making Towels Soft.

Question: Towels Get Hard After One Use

After I wash my towels and wash and dry my hands one time the towels get stiff after one use! What is the problem? I have a water softener and it still hasn't helped. What can I do?

Jim Jackson from Phoenix, AZ

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Best Answers

By Holly 367 1,264 02/03/2006 Flag

Wash your towels without detergent to get out the residue, and then use half as much detergent as called for in future washes.
Did you know that detergent companies tell you to put in as much detergent as will dissolve in water? This is actually 50% more than you actually need to use.
You may also want to switch detergents - especially if you are using something like Tide, which is a super cleaner.
Don't forget to use softener because the water softener for the general house usage is not enough for the wash.

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By Susan fromHamilton (Guest Post) 02/03/2006 Flag

I wash with detergent and a 1/2 c of baking soda and use 1 cup vinegar in the rinse. No problem with leftover suds and rough towels. they are more absorbent as well.

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By Linda Howe 35 02/04/2006 Flag

Vinegar is the best fabric softener!

I run an extra rinse cycle with 1/4 cup vinegar to remove the leftover detergent. My laundry is soft and smells great.

Love & Prayers,

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Question: Making Towels Soft

How do you get towels soft? I live in the country and have a water softener. I have tried everything, vinegar, baking soda, fabric softener, and dryer sheets. Am I using to much or to little of something? They still come out scratchy.

Pico from St Paul, Alberta

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Best Answers

By Mary Lou 14 765 02/17/2009 Flag

The way I understand it, many towels are made rough by the use of fabric softener. I use vinegar in my softener dispenser like one of the other posters said. Try stopping using fabric softener on towels at all.

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By Paulette Gulakowski 7 178 02/18/2009 Flag

Go to Walmart and buy a sleeve of tennis balls (3 to a pack) Put them in your dryer and tumble them with your towels (I use them in "all" my loads). Also make sure you "shake out" your wet laundry before you put it in the dryer (make it "crack!" in the air). You will find you need less fabric softener with the tennis balls and your clothes will be soft.
I got the tennis ball idea from the manufacturer's tag on my down jacket.

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By Dorina 2 100 03/09/2009 Flag

I haven't had this problem since I started doing the following:

1) Wash in warm water with your usual detergent making sure you are using the highest water level for your machine. Remember not to over-stuff. I wash two oversized towels and just a couple hand towels in one wash. You want the water to be able to flow through all your clothes!
2) My washer has an option for an extra rinse cycle. In the first rinse cycle I use white vinegar. The vinegar helps eliminate odor, sanitize and helps eliminate excess soap. In the second rinse cycle I use a small amount of liquid fabric softener with water. 1/4 cap rest water.
3) I also use only one-third of my fabric softener sheet just to be rid of static.

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Question: Soft Fluffy Towels

I'm really sick of having hard scratchy towels. I have never used softener on them as that's supposed to stop them from absorbing water and I don't have a dryer so they are either dried inside on a rack or outside on the line. They weren't super cheap, just average.

Does anyone know how I can soften them up? Does anyone here use fabric softener on towels?

Thanks so much!

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Most Recent Answer

By katesnanna 12 36 05/30/2015 Flag

Try rinsing using washing soda. It removes any excess soap which is what makes your towels hard. Dissolve in hot water.

I'm never without washing soda. I have washed poly filled doonas and they came out looking like new. Because it gets very hot here in Queensland I keep it in the fridge in a small bucket with a tight lid. Washing soda starts to melt at 35 degrees celsius.
You can use it as a rinse for any washing.

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Question: Dryer Leaves Wash Cloths Stiff

I have two wash cloths that always come out of the dryer feeling like bricks. The towels (same brand, color) are always nice and fluffy. These are in the same load.


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Question: Making Towels Soft

My towels come out of the dryer rough, not soft.

By Sandy

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