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Getting Rid of Mouse in Car

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I have a mouse in my car. How can I get rid of it and also discourage another resident?

By Nancy from TX


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By Nan Corpe [6]11/17/2009

Here's a simple solution. Do you have a cat? If you do, just let your cat spend a little time in the car, and that should take care of the situation. If you don't have a cat, mayby you could borrow a neighbor's cat for a short time.

By Sue Mahar [1]11/16/2009

Try a small humane trap and release the poor creatures outside.

By Myrna [13]11/16/2009

If your car sits in a garage when not in use, then set mouse traps around the garage and keep them baited all winter to prevent them from nesting in your vehicles; otherwise, set a few baited traps under the car and hopefully catch some this way.

My husband got a plastic pail and bored a hole in both the sides large enough for a small dowel rod to slide through. He filled the pail half fuil of water and spread peanut butter over the dowel rod's mid area. When the mouse would go for the bait, it caused the dowel rod to roll over and the mouse landed in the water and couldn't escape. He catches a lot of mice this way and it's much easier to dispose of the varmint. He also dug a hole big enough for the pail to sit in, so it was ground level.

By KL [3]11/15/2009

Thee are some ideas here:

Traps or sticky traps to get rid of them and then wash and vac every crevice to get rid of any crumbs of food etc.
I have heard mice do not like the smell of mint. This former ThriftyFun thread deals with that. (Do NOT use moth balls.)

Another article mentioned moving/parking your car in another location if possible. I have read that they will chew on car's wiring so it would be good to take care of it asap. Good luck to you.

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