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Using Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

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There are a number of methods used to get rid of mice without the use of poison or traps. This is a guide about using peppermint oil for mice control.


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December 22, 2010

This is the time of year we get mice. We live back off the road and there are barns behind us so we get about 3 a year. My husband read in Mother Earth news, that you can make your mouse problem go away for good. Put peppermint oil on cotton balls and stick them in holes, under cabinets and any other area you fear a mouse might enter. People even took off parts of paneling and put them inside the walls. For some reason mice do not like the peppermint and are deterred. Sounds much better than finding them on those old nasty sticky mouse things that probably still has a live mouse on it or those ugly traps that just broke the little guys neck. Anyway, it is cheap and worth a try.


I have always heard aluminum foil will make them go away because when they step on it, they hear the noise it makes and will not enter.

If I grossed you out, I apologize.

Source: Mother Earth News

By Gem from VA

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October 18, 20160 found this helpful

Peppermint Oil works wonders for Mice. Extract peppermint oil will not work.

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March 20, 20130 found this helpful

What else, other than peppermint oil, gets rid of mice?

By wonakee from MO

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October 29, 20160 found this helpful

Mother balls are the best mouse deterrent and repellant, pluse they are convenient to use and are easy to find, inexpensive..

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April 30, 20170 found this helpful

There are little packets of spruce and mint you can buy from freshcab. That keeps them away, Me too, I hate the same smells that keep mice away. I got them at tractor supply but they stopped selling them so go right to or search for them on line.

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September 10, 20130 found this helpful

Is there a way I can use peppermint to keep mice away? What is the best application for using peppermint?

By Marion H

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February 22, 20153 found this helpful

Have you tried No Mouse in the House? It's a new product that houses the peppermint oil in a reservoir that dispenses the aroma through a wicking system and lasts up to six months or longer without any of the drying out issues noted here. The units are about the size of a golf ball. Check out the pic.

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October 29, 20150 found this helpful

Where do I purchase this??

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September 22, 20140 found this helpful

What would be the correct amount of water to add to the peppermint oil to use in a spray bottle?

By Nancy

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February 24, 20150 found this helpful

For best results - mix the solution at 50% each peppermint oil and water. See http://how-to-g  /peppermint-oil/ for the exact recipe and tips for using peppermint sprays to repel mice.

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January 2, 20160 found this helpful

Two teaspoons oil to one cup water. Spray once or twice per week.

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August 16, 2015

Will the use of mint oil work on the outside of the house where the mice seem to congregate? I have corners near the outside doors where droppings are all over the place. No problems with them coming in the house; the house is tight. But, what a mess in front of the doorways. If this works, what type of oil will do the job?


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August 17, 20150 found this helpful

There's an old thread on peppermint oil for mouse control on this website at http://www.thri  f703999.tip.html

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July 20, 20130 found this helpful

Will peppermint extract get rid of mice in the walls or will the peppermint oil only work?

Thank you.

By Kathy

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April 11, 20150 found this helpful

Unfortunately, no it has to be peppermint oil, the smell of the peppermint extract just isn't strong enough.

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November 12, 20150 found this helpful

I have used pepperment extract from the food department previous to using we heard mice running in the drop ceiling after using we no longer heard them in our house!!

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By 2 found this helpful
January 7, 2011

Can you use peppermint extract to get rid of mice or does it have to be oil?

By April from Seattle, WA

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January 7, 20110 found this helpful

April, I've been petrified of mice all my life. I put the peppermint oil on cotton balls over 3 months ago in addition to the traps and it appears to work because no trap has been tripped and no signs of any mice. :)

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October 3, 20120 found this helpful

I put peppermint oil in a spray bottle bought at the dollar store and spray it on counter tops, in cabinets, etc., and the mice stay away. If you don't have much oil you can mix water with the oil and shake it. it won't separate right away and you can make it last longer.

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November 12, 20130 found this helpful

I was wondering, will pure peppermint extract with mint work as well to get rid of mice?

By Paula E from British Columbia, Canada

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November 14, 20130 found this helpful

Wasp spray kills mice.

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May 18, 20110 found this helpful

How does peppermint help get rid of mice and can I use peppermint soap in the hole?

By Margaret P

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May 18, 20110 found this helpful

I don't know about the peppermint soap working but I have peppermint oil on cotton balls in my kitchen where my traps used to be and I've not had 1 visit since. I bought that spray insulation in a can and plugged up any places they could fit through like around the plumbing.

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May 19, 20110 found this helpful

You have to find where the mice are entering the house from the outside and close those openings. Otherwise, the mice will just make runs through out the walls of the house and make nests inside the walls. An example, if the roof leaks you find a seal the leak on the outside. You don't seal the leak from the inside of the house. You might try some DeCon or mouse traps but they may return.

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April 9, 20150 found this helpful

How long do the cotton swabs repel the mice before you have to change them?

By Linda

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September 20, 20140 found this helpful

Will peppermint oil harm dogs?

By jtd from Alsip, IL

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August 24, 20110 found this helpful

Do you have to dilute the peppermint oil for mice control before putting it down and how often did you have to change it and put fresh peppermint down?

By Annette W.

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May 23, 20140 found this helpful

I trapped 6 mice in as many days (I live on a farm in the NE). Reading on the internet that peppermint OIL will repel mice, I bought some at my local GNC store. I put several drops on a cotton ball and placed them in the places I thought they may be able to come in. It has been a week and no mice!

I suggest you put a few all around your stove and in your stove drawer as every mouse I did catch, I caught in the drawer of the stove.

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September 26, 20101 found this helpful

I have an "all natural" solution for getting rid of mice. No poison, traps, or sprays to harm your pets or children and it smells awesome. I have had great success with this. Buy a bottle of 100% pure peppermint essential oil (you can buy an inexpensive brand as long as it says 100% pure on the label). Place 1 or 2 drops of the oil on a cotton ball and place the cotton balls around the house where the mice are visiting. They will just leave the premises.



Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

RE: Where do you get peppermint oil?
You can purchase peppermint oil in your local health food store also some of the super grocery stores that have a large health section might carry them. Just buy the cheapest one that says 100% pure essential oil. One small bottle will last a very long time. If you have any questions you can e-mail me.

By suzi_q_6873

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

It works great for me and makes your house smell good. Thank you. (01/11/2006)

By Philhammond .

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

It didn't work at all! I put the cotton balls all over the house, the 100% pure essential oil that I bought at a health food store. I really believed in this, but the mouse just walked right over it and right into the trap. Bang! At least I got one, but I was really hoping it would scare all the mice away. There was 3 cotton balls with 3 drops each within three feet of the trap. And they have only been there for 24 hrs. Maybe my mice like mint? Any other suggestions? (01/22/2006)

By Anna

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

I have tried the peppermint oil and it doesn't work. The mice just steal the the cotton balls and rip them apart and you find them in different spots. I did use real peppermint oil so don't waste your time doing this. (12/11/2006)

By Jill

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

I heard you can put moth balls around the areas and they hate the smell.

Editor's Note: Mothballs do deter a lot of things, but then we have a lot of people coming back to find out how to get rid of the mothball smell. They also can be harmful to pets. Use them with caution. (03/01/2007)

By Sue

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Be sure to use peppermint oil, not extract. The extract contains a sugar alcohol that attracts ants. You can also plant mint, but be very careful as it is invasive and spreads like wildfire once fully mature. We planted some near our camp, near the water and hit it with the weed whacker once a week and it keeps them out of the camper in the winter. Getting rid of the mice also helps keep the snakes away. The peppermint essential oil works good in the months when the plants are dormant. (03/07/2008)

By Rebecca

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Yes it works! I am so petrified of mice that I cry, literally. I used 100% Peppermint oil., now no mice and no droppings. (04/11/2008)

By Joy in Baltimore

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Worked for me. When I opened up my camping trailer in 2007, it was loaded with mouse droppings. When I closed it in 2007, I put peppermint oil in cups throughout the trailer (would suggest using glass as it seems to melt the plastic cups). When I opened up this past weekend, I could still smell the peppermint, and not one mouse dropping in the trailer. It is so worth it to me! (05/12/2008)

By Pam

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

We've had mice in our walls for 10 years. We've tried everything. The peppermint oil does work. It's fantastic! For the first time in 10 years we don't have any mice. It worked in the garage too! (06/05/2008)

By Kristi

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Go to . We carry the best peppermint oil to get rid of mice. (08/07/2008)

By Michael

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

I bought my peppermint oil at GNC, I just started using it, hope it works! (08/13/2008)

By Heidi

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

I have been using peppermint oil to deter the mice from our summer home for three years now. As we open the house in the spring, and when we close it in the fall. I bought cheap disposable aluminum muffin tins, cut them to make individual cups, and put the peppermint oil cotton balls in them. That way there is no mess from the oil. I haven't seen any mice in three years now, and the house smells pleasant. (10/01/2008)

By mamadole

Where to buy the Peppermint Oil

You can get it from any organic store. You have to get "pure" peppermint oil. Nothing else will substitute.

My cousin has been a janitor for years and says its the only thing that has worked for him to get rid of mice for the last 25 years. This is the time of year that they want to come into your home so its time to get some. Soak cotton balls in it and put them around your home. They will not come back! (10/29/2008)

By Sassymama22

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is $20 at GNC. Instead, buy it at iherb for $10, Now Foods Peppermint Oil, 4 oz. Use code HIT028 to get $5 off.

It does get rid of mice and ants! Also, mix it with a little oil or aloe vera and put on your dogs paws to calm them when it storms. (11/02/2008)

By J.White

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

If the peppermint doesn't work for you, try spearmint. In aromatherapy classes, they recommend it! (11/23/2008)

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

I had good success with peppermint oil. It has kept mice out of my underground spring house and water tank house, where they were always nesting before. I made a long-term peppermint scent dispenser using oil lamp parts from Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, Ohio. They sell a canning jar oil lamp adapter for $1.95, and a #2 oil lamp burner for $2.95. Put these together, screw the adapter onto a 4 oz canning jar containing peppermint oil, turn up the wick, and you have a non-stop mouse deterrent that lasts for months on one fill.

Obviously, you don't light it! I'm sure peppermint oil is highly inflammable.

By BobAcland

RE: Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

We had trouble with mice getting into our motorhome while stored in the yard. We went to Tractor Supply and in the rat poison section there was a box containing 4 small canvas bags with some kind of natural stuff in it that keeps mice and rats away from the area you place them in. We put all four small bags in our RV four months ago and haven't seen any evidence of mice since. The bags have a nice scent to us, but apparently rodents don't like it. (08/20/2009)

By bsmoreland

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

For people who say peppermint oil doesn't work. Everyone needs to remember that if there are mice in your house/RV, etc. and you place the cotton balls around, the mice can't get outside. Rid yourself of the mice, then use the peppermint oil to keep them out. (02/06/2010)

By Rick

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Warning to cat owners! Peppermint oil is toxic to cats! It can actually kill them. Please do not use peppermint around your cats! Google it! (03/23/2010)

By chicken patty

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

It sure does work for me! When my husband and I moved into our house, there were rats and mice in the attic. After no luck with traps, and not wanting to use poisons, I learned about peppermint oil for rodents from our local organic plant nursery. Bought some oil at Whole Foods, soaked cotton balls and scattered around the attic, and they left immediately. Haven't had an attic invader in 3 years now! (See warning at bottom about cats and peppermint oil!)

However, last summer, mice and rats started eating all of the "almost ripe" tomatoes in our garden each night. (We actually saw mice eating them, so we knew they were the guilty party.) This time, instead of buying the peppermint oil, which can get spendy, I started making my own. I bought a peppermint plant, but didn't want to plant it in the garden, because they are so invasive and get out of control quickly. I always keep anything in the mint family in a pot only!

To make your own: (This is not intended for an aromatherapy grade peppermint oil! For that you must wash and thoroughly dry the leaves, use a sterile jar and lid, and use a carrier oil such as grape seed or almond oil. This is my quickie "Just for Rodents oil".

Cut a large handful of peppermint leaves. (I use some softer stems as well.) Put them in a clean jar (8-10oz size is what I use) then use the back of a spoon to smash them lightly. This will cause the leaves to begin releasing their oils. Fill jar with vegetable oil, put lid on, and shake well. I let it sit about 72 hours to get pretty strong. Next put through a strainer to separate oil from leaves, and discard leaves. I sprinkle the oil around the raised veggie garden beds. (be sure not to get any oil ON the plants because if you live someplace hot like me in TX, the sun will fry the oil and it will burn your plants!) I also sprinkle some along our fence where we have seen them en route to the garden. I put out more every few days, especially after watering or rain. Viola! No more destroyed tomatoes. I started to do that this year when tomatoes first started to produce fruit, and have had no mice. You can also sprinkle it around garbage cans to keep them away, plus it covers yucky garbage smells.

A few notes:

  1. Peppermint oil "is" toxic to cats. Do not use around cats!
  2. Spearmint, and plain mint oils work too, but not were not as effective for me.
  3. Peppermint extract (used for baking) Did not work at all for me, as they walked right by it, without a care. Since that is alcohol based, it probably evaporates too quickly, taking 90% of the odor with it.
Hope this helps. (06/27/2010)

By CynVamp

Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

I use peppermint oil all the time to keep mice away, and it keeps ants from coming in to my home. They are both allergic to the peppermint and if you have yard rodents put a piece of spearmint gum in their hole and they will be gone. It is not magic, it takes time and you have to replace the cotton balls about every 3 to 4 weeks. (09/18/2010)

By jermar

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January 7, 20110 found this helpful

Is peppermint oil safe around dogs and cats when using it to keep mice away? Are there any other oils that work on mice and are they safe for pets?

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December 22, 20100 found this helpful

If you want to get rid of mice or other rodents in your house, the use of peppermint oils is the best.

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June 22, 20100 found this helpful

I have mice in my attached garage. I ran out and purchased several little bottles of peppermint oil and saturated many cotton balls and put them all around.

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February 24, 20100 found this helpful

We were told to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice. We were told to put a few drops of it on a cotton ball then place it where they or you think they come in.

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