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Using Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

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Peppermint Oil

There are a number of methods used to get rid of mice without the use of poison or traps. This is a guide about using peppermint oil for mice control.


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Solutions: Using Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

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Tip: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

This is the time of year we get mice. We live back off the road and there are barns behind us so we get about 3 a year. My husband read in Mother Earth news, that you can make your mouse problem go away for good. Put peppermint oil on cotton balls and stick them in holes, under cabinets and any other area you fear a mouse might enter. People even took off parts of paneling and put them inside the walls. For some reason mice do not like the peppermint and are deterred. Sounds much better than finding them on those old nasty sticky mouse things that probably still has a live mouse on it or those ugly traps that just broke the little guys neck. Anyway, it is cheap and worth a try.

I have always heard aluminum foil will make them go away because when they step on it, they hear the noise it makes and will not enter.

If I grossed you out, I apologize.

Source: Mother Earth News

By Gem from VA

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Here are questions related to Using Peppermint Oil for Mice Control.

Question: Can a Peppermint Air Freshener Repel Mice?

If the odor of peppermint oil is a repellent for mice, then wouldn't using an air freshener with peppermint fragrance do the same thing?

By Fairhope from Alabama, Gulf Coast


Most Recent Answer

By Mary Kay M.09/25/2014

I have mice, I put peppermint oil out and yes, they did come out of their hiding spots, but I was ready with the bated sticky pads and raid mouse traps and I caught and killed 9 in one weekend. I put the peppermint oil (100% essential oil) in my mop water and clean the floors with it. Before I did this, some of the mice were so bold as to jump into my dogs food and take a piece while I was 5 feet away. Now. I'm not hearing them as much. When I did have to kill them I told them they shouldn't have been in my house in the first place. And I said I was sorry I had to kill them. Then I asked God to relocate them to the alley and away from my house. I have clutter. So I'm cleaning all that up too. Purge Purge Purge and out the mice-ies go.

Question: Shopping for Peppermint Oil

Where would I find peppermint oil? I read a suggestion saying that peppermint oil is a good product to use in closing a travel trailer.

By Barbara from Plainville, MA


Most Recent Answer

By renata_gatti05/01/2014

I'm a bit confused here tho! Peppermint EXTRACT is the one you can find on any baking section in any grocery store. Extracts are for flavoring. Like vanilla extract, Almond extract! They have nothing to do with essential oils!
Which are the ones you use to repel mice! Peppermint oil is very good to repel mice. Believe me! That's the only thing I use!

I had mice once and after that every beginning of winter I start spraying everywhere. I like to mix it with alcohol not water. Alcohol evaporates faster so there's no risk of walking in the kitchen and slipping on the wet floor!

You can find essential oils online. Amazon has good prices. Also in stores like whole foods or fairway market. They are always on the natural products section!
They are NOT for cooking so they won't be anywhere close to the baking section

Question: Getting Rid of Mice

What else, other than peppermint oil, gets rid of mice?

By wonakee from MO

Most Recent Answer

By Louise B. [6]03/22/2013


Question: Using Peppermint to Keep Mice Away

Is there a way I can use peppermint to keep mice away? What is the best application for using peppermint?

By Marion H

Most Recent Answer

By Glenn 02/22/2015

Have you tried No Mouse in the House? It's a new product that houses the peppermint oil in a reservoir that dispenses the aroma through a wicking system and lasts up to six months or longer without any of the drying out issues noted here. The units are about the size of a golf ball. Check out the pic.

RE: Using Peppermint to Keep Mice Away

Question: Using Peppermint to Get Rid of Mice

How does peppermint help get rid of mice and can I use peppermint soap in the hole?

By Margaret P

Most Recent Answer

By Deanj05/19/2011

You have to find where the mice are entering the house from the outside and close those openings. Otherwise, the mice will just make runs through out the walls of the house and make nests inside the walls. An example, if the roof leaks you find a seal the leak on the outside. You don't seal the leak from the inside of the house. You might try some DeCon or mouse traps but they may return.

Question: Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Can you use peppermint extract to get rid of mice or does it have to be oil?

By April from Seattle, WA

Most Recent Answer

By marymattice10/03/2012

I put peppermint oil in a spray bottle bought at the dollar store and spray it on counter tops, in cabinets, etc., and the mice stay away. If you don't have much oil you can mix water with the oil and shake it. it won't separate right away and you can make it last longer.

Question: Using Peppermint Oil to Control Mice

What would be the correct amount of water to add to the peppermint oil to use in a spray bottle?

By Nancy

Most Recent Answer

By jamie.smiles02/24/2015

For best results - mix the solution at 50% each peppermint oil and water. See for the exact recipe and tips for using peppermint sprays to repel mice.

Question: Peppermint Extract for Mice

I was wondering, will pure peppermint extract with mint work as well to get rid of mice?

By Paula E from British Columbia, Canada

Most Recent Answer

By Tanya [4]11/14/2013

Wasp spray kills mice.

Question: Peppermint Mouse Repellant

Will peppermint extract get rid of mice in the walls or will the peppermint oil only work?

Thank you.

By Kathy

Most Recent Answer

By Megan Iroler H.04/11/2015

Unfortunately, no it has to be peppermint oil, the smell of the peppermint extract just isn't strong enough.

Question: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

Do you have to dilute the peppermint oil for mice control before putting it down and how often did you have to change it and put fresh peppermint down?

By Annette W.

Most Recent Answer

By tanya_fleury05/23/2014

I trapped 6 mice in as many days (I live on a farm in the NE). Reading on the internet that peppermint OIL will repel mice, I bought some at my local GNC store. I put several drops on a cotton ball and placed them in the places I thought they may be able to come in. It has been a week and no mice!
I suggest you put a few all around your stove and in your stove drawer as every mouse I did catch, I caught in the drawer of the stove.

Question: Repelling Mice With Peppermint Oil

How long do the cotton swabs repel the mice before you have to change them?

By Linda

Question: Using Peppermint Oil Around Pets

Will peppermint oil harm dogs?

By jtd from Alsip, IL


Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the feedback that was provided then.

Archive: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

We were told to use peppermint oil to get rid of mice. We were told to put a few drops of it on a cotton ball then place it where they or you think they come in. What we would like to know is how much is a few drops and can you use any type of peppermint oil or does it have to be the best?

Gene from WI

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

Peppermint Oil is very effective at keeping mice out of cupboards, etc. Just put a few drops on a cotton ball and put in cupboards, etc. Replenish every couple of weeks. Peppermint oil can be purchased at most health food stores.

Shelley (10/13/2005)

By ThriftyFun

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

To answer the question below about ants: peppermint is an excellent ant repellent. So you needn't worry about it attracting bugs. (11/28/2007)

By Uzuri

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

Put peppermint soaked cotton balls in aluminum foil and poke holes in it. Mice can't bite through foil. (12/18/2007)


RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

When I opened my camping trailer in the spring of 2007, it was loaded with mouse droppings. When I closed my trailer in the fall of 2007, I put peppermint oil in glass cups (will melt plastic ones) all over the trailer. When I opened up this past spring, not one dropping anywhere. I don't care how much it costs, I'm sold. (05/30/2008)

By Pam

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

Use a pure peppermint oil. You can order off the internet. Three years ago I had a bad mouse problem. I started with the oil. Not one mouse, or dropping since. I can't praise it enough. I use small cotton balls and saturate them. I put them out by the garage door, the interior entrance door, behind the dryer and frig and under the kitchen sink. I change them out every 2-3 weeks. So worth it. (05/30/2008)

By Fran

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

Make sure you use pure peppermint oil and not extract. You buy this at health/vitamin stores in the essential oils section. (09/28/2008)

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

You can also use panti-liners cut into one inch strips to make mini-stickups in hidden places. (baseboards behind drapes, under or in cabinets) They are discreet since cut into small strips. Just expose less of the glue strip if concerned about the damaging surface of your cabinets. (10/04/2008)

By Stick'Ems

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

I put a few drops of peppermint oil in the cabinet, and in the drawer without a cotton ball. The smell stays until you wash it. (10/11/2008)

By sone978 AT

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

Peppermint oil? Forget it.

At least for me, didn't work. And the oil I used was so strong it made me dizzy. At first I thought; must be part-mouse. But since it didn't work on them, I just realized how I hate peppermint. What did work was cayenne pepper sprinkled around the area.

Note to the person with the stove problem: If you have access to the area underneath the stovetop (some stovetops are lid-like), then sprinkle the pepper liberally, coating the area, then close the lid. Sprinkle behind the stove, and underneath if possible. (10/22/2008)

By Ed

Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

Take a mesh metal scouring pad and pull it apart. Wrap a section of the looser mesh around the cotton ball with oil. The claim is that mice (and rats) can't eat through the metal. Another recommendation is using the pulled mesh to block any suspected openings that the vermin use.

I find that taking wads or tufts of cat hair (from combing my cat) and stuffing them in under dressers and furniture will reduce traffic. I've used both salvaged garlic clove bags or retired knee-high nylons stuffed with cat hair for "repellent sachets". (11/01/2008)

By Lotto

RE: Peppermint Oil for roaches Control

Diluting the peppermint oil works, as well full strength. (01/31/2009)

By Jeannie

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

For the people that say the cotton balls are disappearing: mix peppermint oil with cayenne pepper and dip the cotton balls in the solution.

The peppermint oil irritates rodents but it eventually will evaporate. Once it has evaporated the rodents like the cotton balls for nesting material. However, they will not take the cotton balls with the cayenne pepper as it will burn and irritate them, too.

To be most effective you should replace or re-dip the cotton balls ever few weeks. One or two drops will evaporate rather quickly. I'd recommend a bit more than that by saturating the cotton balls. You may want to protect wood or painted indoor surfaces by placing the cotton ball on a small glass candle plate. (04/18/2009)

By jrs235

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

I have used peppermint oil for years with great success. It can be a little hard to find pure oil, but can be done. I also planted peppermint plants around my deck in order to create another barrier before entering the house. It is a great ground cover that spreads easily and is very fragrant when you cut it down. It is next to impossible to kill. I put my cotton balls in every room, because I want to ensure I leave no area untouched. Also, at first you will feel like you are in a candy store with the smell of peppermint, but you do get used to it. (09/29/2009)

By irishcheer

Archive: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

I have mice in my attached garage. I ran out and purchased several little bottles of peppermint oil and saturated many cotton balls and put them all around.


Archive: Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

I have an "all natural" solution for getting rid of mice. No poison, traps, or sprays to harm your pets or children and it smells awesome.


Archive: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

If you want to get rid of mice or other rodents in your house, the use of peppermint oils is the best.

By babyboy70529 from Duson, LA

RE: Peppermint Oil for Mice Control

I have and still use peppermint oil to keep mice away. It does work. In fact, it makes them drunk! When I had birds, I happened to look in the cage and a mouse was in the cage with the birds. I doused the mouse with peppermint oil and it was, should I say, "out of it?" I was able to get rid of the mouse. However, I believe a strong dose of the oil may have affected one of the birds. A few days later it was dead. Every two weeks I spray my basement with peppermint oil. It's best to buy the large bottle. It lasts longer. (09/14/2010)

By Regijo

Archive: Get Rid of Mice Naturally With Peppermint Oil

Is peppermint oil safe around dogs and cats when using it to keep mice away? Are there any other oils that work on mice and are they safe for pets?