Removing Cigarette Smoke Odors From a Piano

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Getting a piano at a good price or as an inheritance is exciting, unless it comes with a lingering cigarette odor. There are methods you can use to remove this offensive odor from your new acquisition. This is a guide about removing cigarette smoke odors from a piano.



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Question: Piano Smells Like Cigarette Smoke

How do I get the cigarette smoke smell out of a piano? The people we bought it from smoked, and we are serious non-smokers. We should have known better, but we thought it would come out with a simple dusting! I now have a musical ashtray. It has smelled up my entire house. We are all sneezing, and that includes the dog.

I have packed it with newspaper, and gave it a double bath with Murphy's oil soap. Then dusted it again with a lemon oil. It now is worse than before. Any suggestions other than selling? Do you think it will eventually wear out or we will just get used to it? We don't want to get used to it, we would rather sell. Help!

Marcie from Athens, GA

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By Koala (Guest Post) 11/29/2008

Marcie - just wondering if any of these suggestions worked out for you. We recently purchased a used piano and didn't realize it was a smoker's till the deal was done. Have tried vinegar and Murphy oil soap. Was able to get some of the goo off but the smell seems worse than before. Also, have baking soda in cups inside. What worked for you or did you decide to get rid of the piano?

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