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Removing Soap Build Up from Laundry

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I have a front load washer that saves energy with the water and electricity. I have found that my clothes are in need of softening up. There seemed to be a soap build up in them. I have a "rinse only" button on my machine.

I rinse the clothes first with white vinegar to remove any soap build up. Then I wash with 1/2 the soap and fabric softener, plus put the load on a light wash cycle. I have found my clothes are softer and the cost to do a load is less.



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By LRP (Guest Post)04/12/2008

Did you know that front loaders have a special type of detergent to be used. The regular detergent has fillers.

By Dawn (Guest Post)03/13/2008

Vinegar has not affected the color of any of our clothes & I only use a quarter cup or so per load.

By Dawn (Guest Post)03/13/2008

Vinegar in the liquid fabric softener slot! Vinegar takes out soap buildup plus is a fabric softener that is great if you have sensitivities to scented products. It is an old wives tale my mom told me & it really works. I never use fabric softener or sheets now.

By Emma Reed [3]02/27/2008

Hi. I'm really just responding to your mention of soap buildup in your clothes. Do you use the high efficiency (he) soap that is recommended by the manufacturer? I have a GE frontload washer and I always use the he detergent that was mentioned in the book that came with the washer. A repairman told me that 90% of his service calls on front load washers was due to using the same detergents you had used with your top load washer. If you're not using it, perhaps that's the problem with the buildup. Also, I've read about a lot of people with frontload washers having trouble with musty, mildewy smells. I've wondered if that might have something to do with soap buildup in the machine. Also, I always leave my washer door open for hours after I've finished washing. I've never had a problem with smells and I've had mine two years.

By Karla02/27/2008

I have a comment and a question :o)

1. Do you think that you are possibly using too much fabric softener? It can cause a buildup also.

2. When you use the white vinegar - how much do you use? And does it ever affect the color of your garments?

Solutions: Removing Soap Build Up from Laundry

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Tip: Removing Soap Build Up from Laundry

From time-to-time it is a good idea to check and see how much soap is left in your clothes. You might be surprised!

Fill your washer with clothes and fill with the normal water temperature for the batch of clothes, then let them agitate for several minutes before adding soap. If there are lots of suds, cut back on the amount of soap.

Tip: Towels seem to hold soap and fabric softener the most.

By Syd Barr - Dunkirk, MD

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