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Crocheted Knee High Boots

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Does anyone out there with a pattern for knitted or crocheted adult boots that come up too your knees. Must be able to use rug wool.



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There's a pattern for sale on , item #170904691233 from seller: Onwillowlane2012 for $7.50. I can't seem to find one for free! But this one is very attractive.

By Abbie11/13/2010

I have a pattern for boots that can be knee high or fold down for lower with buttons. You can knit them on suede or like me I knitted them on an old pair of the higher sole and heel flip flops by using an awl (Big needle) to go through the sole with yarn and then used that to pick up stitches to knit. I can email this to you if you would like.

By lisa [5]06/30/2007

Hi Patricia,
not crochet boots, but this one is pretty interesting!
Worth a peek, sorry it's a knit pattern though, you could try to convert it!
in the archives under, "slipper sock", hee hee.

By Lisa (Guest Post)06/30/2007

Found this pattern but its knitted. Perhaps you can adapt it. ... cle/0,2025,DIY_14141_4259284,00.html

By Julia Younglblood06/28/2007

In the pattern I use the boots don't come up to your knees but you could add more rows and make them any height you like! I've made several pairs of these and I just everyone justs loves them! Enjoy!

By Lori [3]06/28/2007

Hi Patricia,
I don't know where you can find the boot pattern, will try looking around. Groovy crochet has some ripple stitched knee high socks in worsted weight yarn at: ... et/~vchisam/groovy/ripple-socks.html
Hope this is some help.

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