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Alternative Erasers for Dry Erase Board

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What can I use for an eraser for a dry erase board besides the traditional erasers? Has anyone used something else successfully?

Allison from Northeast, TN



Recent Answers

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By Ronda B.02/01/2014

I gather some free carpet sample squares from home improvement stores and cut them in half. They work great, don't cost anything, and take up almost no space.

By Leslie Horinka04/05/2009

Personally, I use my fingers, lol. Markers come right off, and if you rub your fingers together most of the time it will rub or flake off.

By Michelle Dodd [1]04/04/2009

Those clorox bleach wipes work great. Just a bleach solution in a spray bottle with a good cotton rag would be good too.

By Kerry Browning [2]12/01/2007

Those Mr. Clean eraser sponges work well too.

By Kim Churchman [3]11/29/2007

Windex works great!

By EGRIBBLE [3]11/28/2007

I bought several cheap sponges with the green pad on one side and a bottle of cheap alcohol. Dampen, swipe and wipe.

By Jenny (Guest Post)11/28/2007

As a teacher, I've tried several things. What I find best for erasing are these things: baby wipes, Clorox wipes, old socks, old rags, and my latest find-Germ-X on paper towels. Hope this helps.

By Dana [1]11/27/2007

I know you asked about erasers, but I thought I'd add an extra hint too:
Instead of buying expensive spray cleaner, most dry erase boards will look as good as new if you rub them with a rag dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

By Nancy S.11/27/2007

Old t-shirts and old socks work great. Our classroom uses dry erase boards for working problems and each student brings an old sock at the start of the semester just for this purpose.

By (Guest Post)11/27/2007

The best thing for dry erase boards is hair spray. Get something cheap like Aqua Net or VO5 and spray it on and wipe with any rag or paper towel. It comes out totally clean and dry.

By Amy Singh [3]11/27/2007

We use plain white dish towels that my hubby brings from work. Also, every once in a while, we use a little windex on a paper towel.

By (Guest Post)11/27/2007

Hi Allison,
I use a soft cotton rag. There might be something better, but I have been happy with that for now :)

By Julie [49]11/21/2007

i use baby wipes.

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