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Buy Now Pay Later Website for Bedroom and Bathroom Items


I'm looking for a secure buy now pay later site for bedroom and bathroom basic stuff: sheets, towels, bath mats, shower curtains, etc. Does anybody know of any sites for that kind of stuff in the USA? When I Google for it most of the results are from the UK, why is that?

By blondieloks from Salem, OR


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By Joan B. 2 387 08/20/2011

Do you need all of that stuff at one time? If not buy one item at a time and you will save a lot of money. For example buy 3-4 towels and wash cloths at a discount store. The same applies to sheets, buy one set at a time. A lot of people only ever have one set of sheets for each bed. You can buy a shower curtain for anywhere from $5.00/$40.00 at discount stores. Those buy now, pay later places charge a lot of interest. You can end up paying close to double what the actual price of the item is. There is one site called It has been so long since I have looked at that I don't know what they have anymore.

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All of the buy now and pay later companies charge oodles of interest and also expensive shipping and handling fees. I did use Fingerhut once years and years ago but the quality of the towels and bedding set I purchased turned out not to be as good of quality as had I paid the same original sale price for quality ones at a local store.

Check out what stores in your area have layaway programs. It will cost you a lot less money than catalog shopping and you'll know by first hand viewing the quality of what you're paying for. If layaway still works the same as it used to it doesn't matter whether the item is full store price or on sale so shop for sales to save even more money.

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