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Make Frozen Lasagna Taste Homemade

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This is a tip I thought I would share since I did this over the week-end and my dinner guests loved the lasagna dinner. They all thought it was homemade! Little did they know, I purchased the Stoffers large frozen lasagna when it was on sale at my favorite store, always at a fair price at my local Wal-mart.

I use a "real" pan that my frozen lasagna will fit in which I spray with store brand nonstick spray. Next I spread the bottom of the pan with about 1/3 to 1/2 cup of store brand spaghetti sauce. I place the frozen lasagna on top of the sauce, then I generously add some shredded Italian cheese, again store brand, about 1 and 1/2 cups, then I add some more of the bottled spaghetti sauce, I would guess about another 1 and 1/2 cups. Cover tightly with aluminum foil. Bake according to the directions on the box. Serve with a nice salad and lots of garlic bread. Enjoy!

This is so easy to put together, and everyone thinks I have spent all day in the kitchen preparing a homemade meal.

By Bobbie G from Rockwall, TX


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By Dan03/19/2009

Seems to me you could also freeze your own ready-to-go lasagna and pop it out of the pans to wrap in freezer wrap, to be returned to the pans and baked later.

Good homemade lasagna does not require boiling or even using no-boil noodles. Just add an extra cup or so of liquid (tomato juice etc.) per pound of dry noodles, be sure the liquid covers all before baking, and cover with foil when baking to prevent a dry top. Variations can be done with other kinds of dry pasta. Horizontal layering would also be cool.

By Rachel E. (Guest Post)12/24/2008

I place a few jars of sauce in the crook-pot with garlic, onion, spices and browned ground beef until I return home from work and then place some of the mixture on the bottom and top of the pre-made lasagna in a deep dish and add lots of ricotta and mozzarella before placing in the oven. Cook as directed on the lasagna instructions. Delicious!

By Julie (Guest Post)03/14/2008

Brilliant! I am just NOT in the mood to cook my million-step homemade lasagna tonight, and we have dinner guests coming. I'm trying this! Thank you!

By EGZ (Guest Post)01/20/2008

Pre-thaw the frozen lasagna and you never have an "unfinished" center. It works wonderfully.

By William Turri (Guest Post)01/17/2008

I've done this before also, it comes out good. But seriously I know my guest can tell its not homemade, but it does work good in a time pinch.

By badwater [242]04/22/2007

My family has done this for years with several different foods. Buy them at the grocery store & take home and add to.

#1. Frozen cheese pizza: add veggies, cheeses & meats in the amounts of your choosing to it, before baking.

#2. Frozen lasagna: add a layer or more of black olives, tender crisp broccoli or cauliflower chopped in medium to tiny pieces, sliced mushrooms, chopped onions of other veggies of your choosing, &/or more meat like crumbled hamburger or meat sauce, sliced or diced pepperoni before baking. My opinion Stouffers brand frozen lasagna is about the best on the market to start out with. Then just dress it up as you wish, or leave plain.

#3. Unfrosted store bough cakes: Take home & drizzle or frost & decorate how you wish.

No one needs to know anything you serve wasn't homemade. You'll receive great reviews & will have saved alot of time.

By sandy [63]03/22/2007

i am glad your guests enjoyed it, but my sister always serves frozen lasagna. she always says how people enjoy and all. well people pretty much have to say how good the meal is. i have never said i enjoyed it, because i dont like it. but i eat it because that is all that is offered. i told her a few days ago i made lasagna home made and it was so easy. really was. she said oh that is too much work. .......well i know where i can get good tasting lasagna now.

By GAILNY (Guest Post)03/21/2007

Great idea. Putting it on my grocery list for this Saturday - thanks. Speaking of Stouffer's, we love their frozen French Bread Pizza.

By janice [48]03/21/2007

This is a great idea. Thank you for sharing. I will be trying this, as it is alot quicker and easier for those busy days when you want homemade taste, without all the work.

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]03/20/2007

I think I will give that a try. We like the Stouffer's lasagna as is but dr'ing up some doesn't sound like a bad idea!

thanks for the idea!

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