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Use Vinegar For Fruit Flies

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I have a great way to get rid of flies, Apple cider vinegar. Put about a cup in a glass jar, set it in the corner of the area where you have flies, and right before your very eyes the flies will be gone with the wind.

Source: Windy William Show

By stasia from Berkeley, CA


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By arnold delgado10/20/2013

Using apple cider vinegar covering the bottom about 1/2 inch deep in cup/bowl and covering with plastic wrap and punching holes in the plastic wrap, making certain the plastic wrap is tight around the rim of the cup/bowl, the key here is to make holes with pencil or pen in clockwise around the center about 1/2 inch from the rim and not along the edges of the cup/bowl as when the fruit flies get in they always go to the rim of the cup/bowl trying to get back out. This does work!

By momoB09/21/2013

It's more effective if you add a little dish soap, because it makes them stick. I tried using the saran wrap one, but it didn't work.

By Melissa M. [25]07/11/2012

I just have a jelly jar with holes poked in the top, half full with apple cider vinegar sitting next to my fruit/vegetable bowl and I rarely see fruit flies. For some reason they don't like it. Works great. I just refresh the vinegar once in a while as it evaporates.

By JeanieB [5]08/10/2011

This is basically the same idea I heard a while ago and it does work! The only difference is you use a saucer and place a few of them around the kitchen or where ever the bugs happen to be.

By Helen Hord08/22/2010

This hint came at just the right time as we are inundated with those pesky devils.

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Archive: Use Vinegar and Dish Soap for Fruit Flies

To get rid of fruit flies I pour apple cider vinegar with a couple drops of dish detergent into a small container. Then set it where you see the flies, and they will be gone in no time.

By Susie from Norfolk, VA