Chipmunks Attacking My Plants


How do I keep chipmunks away from garden vegetables, fruits, and flowers?

Hardiness Zone: 5b

By golfgarden from Troy, NY


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By Kathy 3 46 06/26/2009

I have the same problem. They have chewed off my rutabagas and broccoli to just the stems and dug out my calla lilies. I just dusted mine with cayenne pepper. I have heard this works and will not hurt your plants at all. Good luck

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Question: Chipmunks Eating Flowers

How can I stop the chipmunks from eating my impatiens in my flower boxes?

By Nancy Jane

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Archive: Chipmunks Attacking My Plants

Q: Does anyone know how to keep chipmunks and other small rodents out of patio pots and planters? I keep coming out to the patio to find my new plants and flowers strewn all over the deck and holes in the pots where some critter has been partying in my pots. I also have a ground hog who has taken up residence under my deck, and now has two babies. They're digging holes everywhere and eating my flowers. Does anyone have a noncommercial solution to this problem? Help!

Lori from Middleville, MI

A: Lori,

Since they can inflict quite a lot of damage and now there are three of them, I would recommend calling your local Department of Natural Resources for advice and information on how to relocate your ground hogs. They may recommend live-trapping the ground hogs and releasing them several miles away. There is also a granular product sold under the name of Shake Away that is supposed to act as a deterrent to ground hogs and other small animals. It contains the scent of predator urine (in this case, fox urine) and is supposed to be organic, safe for pets and odor-free to humans. I've never used it, but it's worth a try. You can purchase it online at www.critter-repellent.com . This same product is said to work for chipmunks, too. Placing dog or cat hair discreetly around your pots may help deter the chipmunks. Live-trapping is another option, but make sure you release them in an area where they won't become someone else's problem. If you have a kitty, teach them to bask in the sun on your patio on a tether. The chipmunks in my neighborhood eat seeds, corn and nuts from a tray beneath my birdfeeders. My birdfeeders are located on the opposite side of my house away from most of my gardens. This fact, along with strategically placing my cats on patrolling tethers, has worked well for me.

Good luck!
Ellen Brown

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RE: Chipmunks Attacking My Plants

Sprinkle human hair around inside your pots. Maybe go to your local beauty shop and see if they will give you some fresh cut hair. As for the ones under the deck, maybe a trap or an exterminator. (06/13/2006)

By Madeline

RE: Chipmunks Attacking My Plants

I've heard that critters hate the smell of ammonia. (06/13/2006)


RE: Chipmunks Attacking My Plants

Mothballs can be a small rodent deterrent also. However, they can be harmful for pets.(06/13/2006)

By Memere

RE: Chipmunks Attacking My Plants

I just read online a couple of days ago that you should sprinkle bloodmeal around your plants to avoid squirrels so that might work for chipmunks, too. It is a good fertilizer, too. (06/13/2006)

RE: Chipmunks Attacking My Plants

First forget the moth ball myth. They don't work period. What I did was buy a Have a Heart Trap at my local hardware store. Set it in the morning with sunflower seeds and check it during the day. I catch about one chipmunk a day. I then take the critter for a ride of about 10 miles and release it in the woods. A lot less chipmunks around lately. (06/14/2006)

By Dean

RE: Chipmunks Attacking My Plants

I read in June's Southern Living that chili pepper works, too. (05/25/2007)

By Jen

Archive: Chipmunks Attacking My Plants

Does anyone have suggestions for keeping chipmunks out of my flowers? They're eating the flowers from my Impatiens, and biting the stems of several other flowering plants.


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