Dry Erase Marker on Walls


My nephew drew all over the walls in our study with dry erase marker! I've tried Mr. Clean sponge and fingernail polish remover but everything also takes the paint off!

Does anyone know how to get dry erase marker off of painted walls without taking the paint off too?

Lori from LA


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By Regina Arlauckas 27 203 07/30/2005

I think I read once that you can "rewet" dry erase marker by writing back over it - then erase it??

Might be worth trying on a scrap of painted wood somewhere and then on the walls if it works

We used to use rubbing alcohol on the dry erase boards at work.

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By Tharon (Guest Post) 07/30/2005

Try cheap hairspray. I know it will take permanent marker out of varnish and off walls.

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By Joandogs (Guest Post) 07/30/2005

Get a spray bottle of Krud Kutter found at Lowes for about $5.79. Works on most everything without hurting the surface. Took off mold & mildew from the side of my home; also removed a spaghetti sauce stain that had been washed and dried on a white blouse. Joandogs

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By Tina F. (Guest Post) 08/30/2006

Rubbing alcohol does remove the marker but it also damages the paint.
Hairspray did not work the mister clean dry eraser seems to work but takes a very long time.
Short of new paint anyone have any other idea? I have not tried crud kutter yet.

Editor's Note: My grandson did some artwork on my newly painted wall with a dry erase marker. I tried everything to get it off and figured I'd need to repaint it. I got a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and it took it right off. It had been there for months.

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By Ashley T. (Guest Post) 09/02/2007

My friend and I were just messing around one day and wrote all over my walls. I heard Windex works to get it off, but I haven't tried it yet.

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By George F. (Guest Post) 10/10/2007

I have a cleaning business and have used just about everything you can think of. Magic eraser spheres it across the wall and does take it off along with the paint.

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By chaunn (Guest Post) 02/16/2008

I just tried the spray that is used to clean dry erase boards and it took it right off the wall. If you spray it on a napkin first it didn't damage the paint, but spraying it directly on the wall did. Hope that helps.

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By dmm (Guest Post) 03/22/2008

Thanks to everyone! My children just drew on our walls and I used rubbing alcohol and the dry erase board cleaner. The rubbing alcohol worked better and faster -- if you use either, put it on a cloth to avoid taking the paint off.

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By KayGee (Guest Post) 11/03/2008

The Mr.Clean Magic Eraser worked really well to get the dry erase marker off a wall that had been painted with high quality eggshell paint without any paint damage, but on another wall that had a cheaper paint (& the exact same dry erase marker), it required quite a bit of elbow grease to get it clean and it still wasn't perfect. So I guess it depends on the paint finish too.

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By tracey (Guest Post) 12/09/2008

I just wanted to say that we bought a fixer upper and it was on the wall, we put the best primer over it and it beeds though. We sanded it off but wish we would have tried the alcohol first. Good luck!

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By Michelle H. (Guest Post) 02/13/2009

I just caught my son drawing on the wall with a dry-erase marker he stole from my drawer. I used hairspray and the marks came off with a little rubbing.

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By sara 1 04/09/2009

This thread has saved me hours of work! My toddler created quite the dry-erase masterpiece. I tried magic eraser (my favorite cleaning weapon of choice) but it was taking the paint off too (it's killz topcoat with a flat finish). The rubbing alcohol worked like a charm! As a bonus, I have the wintergreen one, so now my house smells great! ps rubbing alcohol works beautifully on really grimy windows too :)

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By Devra 4 05/30/2010

The only thing I've found that will work on my walls without taking off the paint it classic sun laundry detergent- dry. Our walls are textured with flat white paint. We used regular sponges non scrubbing side got them wet and put the detergent on the sponge. This worked on all the marker and pencil marks that the kids put up. It didn't work on gel pen ink. I hope this helps anyone with expecially creative kids.
Oh and btw we got the sun detergent in a 1.5lbs box at the dollar store for you guessed it a dollar.

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By Elishia 1 07/08/2010

Thank you for the advice on the using the magic eraser for dry erase marker on walls. It just so happened that I had one on hand. I work at a Dollar store and I had just purchased one the other day. Another great tip, that magic eraser also works for scuffs on white shoes, like magic!

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By ready.mg 1 12/07/2013

My daughter got a hold of everything that she could to write on the walls, including markers, eyeliner, other makeup, etc... while home with my husband or brother-in-law.

I tried Mr. Clean magic eraser (the strongest version besides outdoor) and it did remove some of the writings but not all. That is with a lot of scrubbing, and yes in some areas it removed the paint.

After reading several posts online I came across hairspray, alcohol, toothpaste, and comet. Both the hairspray and toothpaste did not work as well. I didn't have alcohol but decided to try foot soak (lol, what the heck). The foot soak worked well with what I had left of the magic eraser, but not so much alone.

I can't wait to try the comet next. Alcohol will be last. Rubbing alcohol just sounds too good to be true.

Smile. Thanks everyone for your posts.

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