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Butter Separating from Fudge

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Why does the butter keep separating from my fudge? This has not happened in previous years. The one thing that I am doing different is washing down the side of the pan with a pastry brush. The chocolate fudge is with marshmallow creme.

By Melissa from NE


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By Keeper [57]03/11/2010

Try going I don't know if it has an answer for your question but it's fun site if your into cooking, etc.

By Joan [13]01/12/2010

I have never had trouble with fudge, depending on the humidity. Now I don't make any candy because I am diabetic. However, when I was a kid, the only homemade candy that my Mother refrained from making unless the weather was ideal, was divinity. That was mainly if it was snowing, raining, or cloudy. When I did make candy I always used whatever margerine I had on hand, however, it was always the stick kind, not the whipped.

By Elaine [129]01/09/2010

Are you using butter or margarine? If it is margarine, that would make it separate, especially if you use margarine that is not made for cooking and baking.


I am not positive if this is the culprit or not but I've read that humidity greatly affects making fudge so maybe washing down the side of the pan is doing the same that humidity does because of the water moisture? I hope this helps you!

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