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How to Remove Floral Clay?

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Does anyone know how to remove that tacky floral clay from items. I can't seem to find any answers online. I tried isopropyl alcohol and vegetable oil, but no luck. Thank you in advance for any feedback.

By Enza from Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Recent Answers

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By Linda L. [33]11/03/2010

I swear by Oops or Goo Gone, they will remove anything!

By Lynn [5]11/01/2010

I have done that also. Just keep dabbing the ball of clay to it and it will eventually all come off. I have also used baby oil.

By Jill [4]10/31/2010

This may not help you if you have tried other things on the clay, or if it is old; but if you can get a ball of the clay, use it to get the remainder of the clay off. Sort of "dab" the ball on the clay that is stuck to the item.

You might call a local florist. Maybe they have a "trade secret" they'll share!

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