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Homemade Coffee Pods

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cup of coffee

Buying the pods for your single serving coffee maker can get quite expensive. You can save money by making your own. This is a guide about homemade coffee pods.



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Question: Homemade Coffee Pods

I have one of those one-cup coffee makers, which is great as that's all I drink, but those coffee pods can get expensive and it's hard to find flavors I like. Does anyone know how to make homemade coffee pods, or have any other ideas? Thanks so much!

Tricia from Tucson


Most Recent Answer

By Biscotti (Guest Post)07/04/2008

Not sure if you still need the answer but there is this thing called "Perfect Pod Maker" - that allows you to make your own coffee pods using whatever coffee you like.

If you have a Senseo coffee maker, there are also some other ways to use your own coffee instead of the Senseo coffee pods - you can read more about that here:

Solutions: Homemade Coffee Pods

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