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Dog Smells Even After a Bath


My dog always stinks. I give him a bath and a day or two later he stinks, what can I do?

By Gina


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By Frances Adams 11 557 08/07/2010

He may have a fine undercoat that won't let him get wet to the skin (we have 2 dogs like that).
The next time you bathe him, put just a very small amount of pine oil type cleaner in the tub, not more than a tablespoon, and that may help keep the odor away longer. The only way I was able to clean the 2 with the fine undercoat, was to shave the hair down, then bathe them.

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By Julie 1 08/08/2010

Try a paste solution of water and baking soda.
It's delicate, softens skin, reduces itching, and rinses clean, and it's super inexpensive. I remember seeing this as a solution for stripping product buildup from (human) hair. A tip from a famous hair stylist.

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By Danialle 3 248 08/10/2010

The dog may be allergic to his food. Try a different food and if it still smells see your vet. I had a friend that had a Golden Retriever that was allergic to any food with a corn base to it.

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By Gary Mattox 5 08/10/2010

I had the problem answer but just as I was about to send it the site timed out. Your dog has sebhorea and you must get a special shampoo or pills which ever your vet recomends after a blood test.

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By Laurel 5 08/13/2010

First I would make sure it's not an organic problem. Check with your vet to make sure there are no underlying medical issues such as disease, allergies, etc. If that is clear, examine your dogs diet. It may be something that you are feeding him is causing an odor.

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By Laurie Berg W. 2 3 06/02/2013

Your dog may have YEAST...that would make him smell (and itch).
You can checkout Giving my dog that AND giving him a grain free diet has helped us with this issue.

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Archive: Dog Smells Even After a Bath

My dog smells so bad even when he has had a bath. How do I stop him from smelling?

By Dee from Norfolk, England


RE: Dog Smells Even After a Bath

Most dogs will have the "wet dog" smell after a bath. Most groomers use a spray after they bathe the dogs to help. Outside of that, I would first make sure that you rinse the dog well. Anything left on the fur/skin from excess residue will trap the smell. I always dilute my shampoo first. You will be surprised at the suds you still get with a diluted shampoo. Hope this helps! (12/30/2009)

By caninecodependent

RE: Dog Smells Even After a Bath

Your dog may have a skin condition that is causing the odor. Does it have allergies? Itching? Dandruff or scaly skin? Oily skin? Are you feeding him some type of food that is making him smell? Try using a natural oatmeal shampoo without any perfumes or chemicals. What does your vet say? What kind of dog do you have? Is it a breed that is prone to odorous skin, like a Sharpei? (12/31/2009)

By ahastings7878

RE: Dog Smells Even After a Bath

Vinegar rinse after bathing. The vinegar is a natural odor killer, and will dry odorless itself. Clean and dry the ears very well. (01/01/2010)

By dollyslaffn

RE: Dog Smells Even After a Bath

I would take him to the vet. It could be caused by a medical condition. (01/01/2010)

By Maryeileen

RE: Dog Smells Even After a Bath

A dogs smell is often indicative of what the dog eats. The skin is the largest organ. The "doggy" smell being excreted through the skin comes from the body trying to rid itself of things it cannot use.

Reading the label on your dog food will often reveal a diet not ideal for a carnivore (yes, dogs are carnivores). Most dog foods are full of grains and vegetables, that dogs do not truly need. Dogs even lack the enzyme amylase which is needed to break down the cell walls of plant material. The following website can help you evaluate dog food:

If you want to look into feeding your dog a species appropriate diet look into a raw diet. (01/02/2010)

By maxtheneo

RE: Dog Smells Even After a Bath

I can't resist. I have to say it.

Hold his nose. (01/04/2010)

By TC in MO

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