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I had to have all teeth removed that were left after accident. Also I had dentures put right in. My face is swollen, mouth and gums hurt. I need to find away to eat. Please no more jello or pudding. Oatmeal is running to going. What else is there? Please help!

By Doris from MO


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By Cindy 3 287 03/13/2011

Hi Doris, Ugh! So sorry you are having to deal with this. Here's a few ideas:
Cottage Cheese
Cream of Wheat

Make your blender your new best friend and you can puree the following:
Canned veggies
Canned fruit
Canned soup
Canned beans
Cooked rice with chicken or beef broth
Add your favorite spices and seasonings to these items to give your tastebuds a treat.

For that matter, try some jarred baby foods. Hope this helps and hope you heal soon.

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By Peggy 63 173 03/13/2011

Been there, done that, and is no fun, so sorry for you. I ate a lot of yogurt, ice cream, {helped numb my mouth} milkshakes, soup, soggy cereal, mostly life, mashed fruit, (strawberries, melon, applesauce, peaches) cottage cheese, I'm sure I ate more than that but really tired and can't think right now. Hope this helps. It helps to rinse your mouth with warm salt water, with your teeth in, leave them in as much as possible.

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By Jill 4 738 03/13/2011

If you go to Babies R Us, or Target, you can buy a baby food mill, you put food in, and (as you press down) you turn a crank and it mills the food to a soft consistency. You can mill whatever you cook, it cleans up easy as can be, and costs about twelve dollars. You can see one on Amazon so you know what you are looking for. I just bought one at Target for a baby gift, they come in colors.

Hopefully you won't need it for long; but it will let you eat some tasty stuff, without hurting your mouth!

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By Tahloolabelle 36 90 03/13/2011

First of all, I am so sorry for this to happen to you!

For the facial swelling get a bag of frozen peas to use as an icepack. The peas will break away from each other to mold to your face. I always keep one unopened bag frozen for first aid purposes!

foods you can try: rice with gravy, mashed potatoes, baked potato (mixed really well), scrambled eggs, fried eggs (minced), hash browns (but only microwave them), pastas with sauces/gravy, frozen tamales (there's really nothing to chew there), chili (minced well or blend), meatloaf (cut into really tiny bits), soft cooked meatballs (cut tiny), CHEESECAKE!, soft cooked french toast (lotsa syrup), tuna salad, egg salad. There's a lot you can have, but it has to be soft and tiny since you are NOT chewing.

Here's the best advice I can give you: go to http://www.topix.com/forum/health/dentures/TNOB5V2J41T5UV988/p120. There is not only a wealth of info there, but you won't feel so alone. Best of luck to you!

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By Myrna 15 1,062 03/14/2011

You can eat mac and cheese and use fork to mince it up a bit on the plate. You could also have spaghetti if you break it up into short pieces before cooking and drain carefully. You can then add cooked ground beef and diced onion to this and cook til onions are soft. If you have a crockpot, you can make soup beans and cornbread added to the beans to soften. Also, get a pork/beef roast and cook it up in the crock pot until done. Then cool and pull pieces from it and cut up smaller. Add barbecue sauce and mix good and eat it like that without bread. You can even cook chicken in water until tender and it'll fall off the bones and remove all fat and break meat into small portions and add a jar of alfredo sauce to it and some frozen broccoli that's been cut up fine and steam cooked til tender. Fresh carrots grated and then steamed in the microwave until tender is very tasty. There are lots of ways to prepare regular foods if it's just mashed or diced into smaller sizes and cooked until tender and still have a variety of food groups.

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By Cricket 205 896 03/14/2011

From reading the posts before me, I can tell that either they've never gone through this or it's been so long ago that they've forgotten. I went through this 5 years ago and can sure sympathize! Most of the things people here are suggesting are good but there are a few that you need to steer clear of till your mouth is totally healed and you've gotten your permanent dentures and gotten used to them.

The good things are:
Mac & Cheese (you can cook it a few extra minutes then you won't have to mash it at all, just swallow it)
Spaghetti is good only if it has no meat in it. Even the tiniest pieces of meat can cause extreme pain!
Soup beans are ok if cooked till very very soft, but no cornbread! The crumbs will hurt!
Mashed potatoes
Scrambled eggs
Cheesecake is good but the crust will negate all the good!
Ice Cream is wonderful for the pain but it has to be plain--no nuts or fruits in it
Milk Shakes
Soup broth, not regular soups
Cream of wheat

Now here's things you should avoid at this point:
Any meats! No matter how small you cut it up or grind it up or mash it, tiny pieces will get in there and cause excruciating pain
Anything with crumbs (same reason) such as cornbread, bread, toast
Baked potatoes or potatoes fixed any way other than mashed
Pasta, unless it's cooked at least 5 minutes longer than called for
Any vegetables other than peas and carrots, and those need to be cooked longer

Basically if you wouldn't feed it to a small infant, don't eat it yourself until you heal. Even with the denture pastes the food particles still find their way in and you'll be in tears from the pain. It gets extremely frustrating because you want all these foods but if you try and eat them tiny tiny bits will get under your dentures and will feel like mountains! It took me about 2 months before I could start eating normally again, and even after 2 months I had to get back into it gradually.

Good luck with yours!

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By Karen 6 26 03/14/2011

Doris, I feel For you.I also have to get all my bottoms out; I had top teeth out few yrs. ago, due to Osteopenia, (the start of Osteoperosis.) I'm wondering what to eat after dentures are made & in between. I'm scared my teeth won't fit, or I won't be able to deal with them or eat things I like. I was thinking protein drinks, smoothie, even with ice -cream, cream soups, pureed veggies, & lots of juice. I'm 51, so I also take a Multi Vitamin. Good Luck. Let's pray for each others success, OK?

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By HAPPYINHARNED 14 193 03/15/2011

You can puree any food in the blender and it will taste good and won't be painful. People who have had weight loss surgeries do this. My favorite was cottage cheese.Mac n cheese would work fine, any vegetable, even grilled cheese sandwiches. Good Luck.

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By Linda 3 56 03/15/2011

Everyone has good advice. I was wondering if you really need to have your dentures in while your gums are still healing. Most of the foods suggested can be eaten without teeth. And it is amazing what one can eat without teeth. If you have been told to leave your dentures in during the healing process, then that is what you should do. Follow doctors orders and do the best you can. I think your situation is different than most in that your teeth loss was due to an accident. Good luck, Doris.

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By Janice C. 18 710 03/16/2011

Walgreen's sells benzocaine, an oral anesthetic for tooth and gum pain. It comes in a small eyedrop-size bottle, and you just need a drop or two. Helps sore gums a lot.

It takes about 6 weeks for the gums to heal enough to be able to eat comfortably, and even then you may need adjustments for the dentures to fit properly.

Canned fruit are also a nice treat.

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By Lilian 106 03/16/2011

Talhloolabelle's link will work if you delete the dot at the end of the link. I just posted this for another question lol. My "all knowing computer wizard son" told me there should never be a dot at the end of a link .

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By Chris 1 68 03/18/2011

ORZO - that little pasta will be your best friend and this is delicious! Sautee some in a little butter, add a small amount of hot broth. When the broth is gone, add a little more and whatever herbs you like. Continue to add broth every time it soaks into the pasta. This will make it creamy. Test occasionally until you get the consistency you like. You can add more butter if you like. Any leftovers heat well in the microwave the next day as long as you add a couple tablespoons of water to make it creamy again.

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By Vickie S. 1 06/14/2015

I felt the same way, my swelling was so bad I couldn't chew oatmeal. I pulled out my emulsifier blender & drank a quarter of a watermelon. For dinner it was watermelon, blueberries, strawberries & a banana with a fresh sweet potato on the side. If you haven't tried fresh fruit smoothies, try them. Endless varieties that are so beneficial in many aspects of your health.

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