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How Long Can Canned Goods Be Stored?

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I have found 2 tins of sardines expiration date Dec. 2006. The tins are not dented or blown. I have also found a tube of anchovy paste with a June 2006 expiration date. Can they be used or should they be thrown away?

Thank you.

By petalem from Sandy, Bedfordshire


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By Toni Yahnke02/21/2012

If in doubt...throw it out!

By April [185]11/23/2010

Is it an expiration date, or does it say "best used by". There is a difference.

By Sandy Gerber [22]11/20/2010

I would much rather recommend that you throw them out than risk ending up in a hosptal or morgue! Not worth the risk, I say!


I am with the smell and taste test on the canned foods, too. Canned foods without dents or bulging will actually be safe for a decade or more past expire date but their nutritional value and flavor reduce over time. As for the 'tube' of anchovy paste, personally, I would throw that out.

By Theresa Grandy [3]11/20/2010

I would throw it out, way past expired!

By SuzyQ82 [2]11/19/2010

My family comes a long line of "if it doesn't smell bad, it's fine." Of course you might want to do a small taste test too. Helps if you have a strong stomach like us just in case :) If it smells funny at all to you then pitch it.

By mcw [80]11/19/2010

When in doubt, throw it out!

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