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Frigidaire Dishwasher is Flashing HO While Washing

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While washing, my Frigidaire dishwasher was flashing HO. What did that mean?

By Lucy from Hot Springs Village, AR


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By Janet Seabolt [1]01/27/2010

Your dishwasher must have a feature that heats the water to a preset temperature. If the water that enters the dishwasher from your hot water pipe isn't hot enough, the dishwasher won't advance the cycle until the built in heater brings the water up to the preset temperature. Most of the time there is a button or setting on the dishwasher so you can turn this feature on and off. It uses more energy if it has to heat the water, but it's a more sanitary wash.

By Laura01/27/2010

I goggled your question and found this for an answer. I hope it helps. The service sheet found inside behind the door cover. The only codes it listed was the following:

LO - Low Liquid, etc.
PF - A power failure occured
HO - Water heating delay
01 - 24 hours for a delayed start.

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