Nicotine On Wood Cabinets


I have some wood kitchen cabinets with natural stain with heavy nicotine on them. How can i clean them back to thier normal look?




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By Annie (Guest Post) 05/06/2005

Be VERY careful using TSP. Wear a mask.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 06/07/2005

Thank you everyone so much for their responses re: the Nicotine residue left on plaster walls. As a follow-up, am I able to use the "TSP" on the original hardwood moldings, kitchen cabinets, etc? I am certain that the residue is imbedded in nearly every aspect of the home and am looking to get started cleaning this weekend.


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By mitsy 7 15 06/08/2005

I used Thunderblast from Dollar General to remove nicotine from some furniture. Nicotine is a grease based stain. Advice: Buy 2-3 bottles, get plenty of old, soft rags to work with and lay in a supply of elbow grease, as this will take plenty of each!!

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By Kelly 6 25 06/09/2005

My mom is a heavy smoker, and I have to clean her cabinets down every so often. Just last week I used Scrubbing Bubbles on the cabinets. When the bubbles are done "fizzing", you just wipe the brown residue off. You may have to use it twice for stubborn stains.

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By Harlean from Arkansas 139 417 06/10/2005

Mrs Murphy's Oil Soap is good for cleaning wood cabinets.
Harlean from Arkansas

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By (Guest Post) 06/14/2005

Fantastic cleaner works great also. That's what I used on our house and it worked just fine. To get rid of any smells, try burning inscense. It took the smoke smell out of our house when my aunt lit up one night. That's why it was so popular in the 60's!

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