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Homemade Denture Cleaner Recipe


Does anyone have info on making homemade denture cleaner? I'm not interested in bleach; my dentist said never use bleach as it bleaches them out. I've seen homemade everything, but not this. Thank you.


By Joan


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By linda 8 57 06/09/2010 Flag

The best way I have found to clean my dentures are with a toothbrush and Lava soap. My dentist recommend this, and it really gets my dentures clean.

Linda :o)

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By Joan Dykes 14 43 06/09/2010 Flag

Thanks Linda, I'm heading to the store tomorrow. I drink lots of tea and coffee that stains them. joanie

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By Elaine 173 890 06/09/2010 Flag

Baking soda works as well as anything.

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By lovingnature 39 19 06/09/2010 Flag

Smoker's toothpaste as it helps with smoking, coffee, tea stains and etc. A little Dial antibacterial soap (the foam kind) (I recommend the pear scent) works great too. You can use the non-foam kind; they both work the same way but, I prefer the foam for me. I use the Dial one week and the smoker's toothpaste the next and so on. Both of these do not cost a lot (can get both be found at the dollar store). A little goes a long way!
I recommend that you use a regular soft toothbrush to gently clean your dentures with the above products. **If you can't use dial soap products you can use any brand of antibacterial soaps.**

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