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Craft Ideas For Mission Trip

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In July I will be going on a mission trip to the Ensenada area of Mexico with Azusa Pacific U on a Family Mission trip. The groups are split up and do construction work for the church they are assigned to and a VBS for children. They also do crafts with the ladies.

I am trying to figure out useful crafts for the ladies that they would be able to really use and enjoy. They have to be relatively short in length. So far I have only come up with a pot scrubber made of nylon netting. Any suggestions would be most welcome.

Harriet from Lakewood, CA



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By Christy07/15/2009

Ok - I am back from my own trip with some great results.
Note: we didn't have hot glue guns or electricity
With the ladies, we crafted:
1) Journals - 1/2 sheets of paper (about 20) with manila folder material on the front/back. Punched holes and bound with ribbon. Decorated front with homemade stamps. (How to make stamps: take styrofoam like from a meat package, cut into a square, indent with pencil with desired shaps and wham-o: custom stamp)
2) small bags - they loved gluing and sweing ribbons and such on these
3) headbands - bought plain plastic ones from Oriental Trading company and wrapped them with ribbon and/or fabric in varous methods. Glue to adhere. Loved it.

By Christy05/06/2009

I googled the web with the same question and stumbled across this page! I haven't tried this yet but heard it is good - embroidering purses - can get cheap ones from Michaels, etc. The ladies love it because they are already skilled at it and they have a chance to show US how to do it.

By sandy [63]05/08/2008

how about some of the thrifty crafts on this site. there is one on this very newsletter. coffee cans, beads and some other containers and paper could make a storage something

By londa (Guest Post)05/07/2008

If it was me, I'd take glass beads (must be larger than seed beads or it's too hard to work with) , plastic streach string (made for beading) 1 bottle of clear nail polish(to put on the finishing knots) and make streachy bead bracelets. If you want to get fancy, buy charms that symbolize what your mission is about--friendship, hope, love--and add one to each bracelet.

They would be innexpensive, take up a small amount of luggange space, be quick to make, and produce something that I myself would really want to have. I wear several every day to the office.

Have a wonderful time.


By Sandee (Guest Post)05/07/2008

How about flower pens? Take the silk flowers and about a 1-inch stem from silk bouquets. Hold flower at top of pen and wrap stem and pen together with green floral tape.
How about a sugar scrub for their hands and feet?

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