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Restoring Whites Washed With Red Clothing


I accidentally washed two of my husband's white shirts with a red sheet, and of course they turned pink. Somebody told me to use Rit dye remover, but the store was out. So I bought Carbona. I followed the directions on the box and like magic the shirts are now white again. It works wonders!

By Dana from Shepherdsville, KY


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Archive: Reds Washed With Whites

Can anyone give me an idea as to how to get red out of a load of whites that got washed with a red item? I used bleach, but that didn't work. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Jacquelyn from Walker, LA


RE: Reds Washed With Whites

I did the same thing, haven't we all? You can get a whitener in the Rit dye section of your store
that will take it out. Joyce (10/25/2006)

By Grandma Bess

RE: Reds Washed With Whites

I did this. What I did was wash with bleach, re-wash with bleach and re-wash with bleach. About 3 times should do it. Now I really watch what goes in my whites. Might take 4 times but got the job done. (10/25/2006)

By maggie3956

RE: Reds Washed With Whites

You can also get something by shout or Spray and Wash that will take the dye out. Never tried it, so I don't know how well it will work (10/27/2006)

By Tricia

Archive: Reds Washed With Whites

A red sock snuck in with my whites that were supposed to be washed in cold. The water was set for warm. How can I get my whites back to white?

By rustyboras from Flint, MI


RE: Reds Washed With Whites

If it's a solid white garment, soak it in Murphy's Oil Soap. Don't know where I got the idea from but I have used it to get my whites white again. (06/03/2009)


RE: Reds Washed With Whites

There is a product by Rit called Color Remover. It is found in the laundry aisle. I used it a few years ago and it worked great. Good luck! (06/03/2009)

By Happy05