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Make Your Own Chain for Eyeglasses

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I have been looking for eyeglass chains,the ones that you put around your neck and they hold your eyeglasses. So far, the ones I have found are just plain cords and rather dull. The ones with chains and decorations from optical stores are very pricey. So... I was wondering if anyone knows how you can make them for yourself?

Also, I have been told that the cheaper ones (bought in drugstores and supermarkets for a few bucks) are no good because the glasses just slip off. The cords are 26" long and seem to me, anyway, to be too short. The most expensive ones are very pricey.

Anyone have any suggestions. It would be greatly appreciated because I am always "losing" my glasses.

Anjeena from NY


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I used an old pearl necklace I never wear anymore, bought necklace extenders end rubbers from Hobby Lobby and I'm sure Michael's would have these also. Looks pretty good!

By Diana02/27/2010

I would be happy to make custom ones for you if you are interested. The cost would be dependent on the beads you choose. I made one for myself and will be making lots for a craft show.

By Ruth (Guest Post)10/01/2008

I found some reasonable price nice looking eye glass chains at this site:

Might want to check it out.

By wendy o'gorman (Guest Post)10/05/2007

I would like to find someone to make my cousins husband a pair of eye glasses frames & colour please. The colour I would like the frames to be are all the colours of the rainbow please if anyone could help me with this I would be grateful
thank you

By Mike (Guest Post)07/03/2006

When I use a eyeglass cord or chain, I put the ends near the eyeglass hinges. They never slip off. I notice a number of people put them on the end of the "arms" of the eyeglasses. Also, I have used jewerly pins to hold my eyeglasses. Just look at the design of the pin to see if it will hold your eyeglasses. Attach the pin below your shoulder, making sure the eyeglasses will not fall off. Some places will sell this pins made especially for eyeglasses but you can use any pin as long as it holds your eyeglasses safely,

By sandy [63]06/20/2006

i like the cord kind because the chain would just scrape the glasses up.

By Cindy (Guest Post)06/20/2006

Hi! Do you have a local bead shop or craft store near you? They sell the end findings you need. They are easy to make. I have kits and the endings if you have trouble. You just need beads and wire.. very quick and easy! I taught a class on them at our local hospital. Hope this helps. Cindy beadlady

By margaret (Guest Post)06/20/2006

Go to the Dollar store they have cheap necklaces and you can buy the end rubbers that holds them on to the frames at your craft store they come in pks of 3, i made a bunch of them for friends for about $3.each

By Carol A. Wood [4]06/20/2006

I find the DollarTree stores carry eyeglass chains in various colors for (gasp) a dollar. Might try any dollar store you have. (I love DollarTree!!)

By Kelly [15]06/18/2006 ... erns/index.htm?terms=eyeglass+chains

I typed in eyeglass chains into the search engine at, so this may be a starting point for you if you are crafty. Michaels or Joanns would be the best place I know of to get special crafty stuff. Or even a simple bead jewelery kit (my mom makes little necklaces and bracelets with the jewel type beads). I would take a picture of the fastners of the higher quality and copy those, you may need to investigate where to get those (maybe wholesale optical shoppes like for replacements?)

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