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Shaving Sensitive Skin


I have extremely sensitive skin. Whenever I shave my legs never get smooth and they break out. I've tried all different kinds of lotions and baby oil to keep my legs moisturized but nothing works. My legs always burn and itch after shaving. Help! I want smooth legs that don't hurt!

Meghan from Jacksonville, FL



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By Jackolyn Smith 17 134 03/03/2009

I have sensitive skin too and the best thing I've found for shaving my legs is hair conditioner! It's cheap, goes on smooth, and leaves your legs smooth with no bumps or itching afterwards. Try it...I think you'll like it. Just use the cheapest conditioner you can find. They all work the same for shaving.

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By Carol Swanson 36 213 03/04/2009

I too have extremely sensitive skin. I have best of luck with Intuition razors by Shick.

I have tried using hair conditioner as a shave cream with other brand razors, but I am allergic to preservatives in hair conditioners. Since I cannot use them on my hair, I am hesitant to use them on my legs.

Also, I cannot use moisturizing lotions as I am allergic to the preservatives in them. One of the preservatives is methylparaben and that is in almost everything!

With my skin, I have learned the hard way that "less is more." Use less products on your skin.

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I also use Schick Intuition razors (for sensitive skin) and because they have built-in conditioning/cream and self adjusting/swivel triple blades you don't need shave cream, conditioner, etc and you'll never nick yourself with them nor end up with a rash or ingrowns :-) Once you try them you'll never want to use anything else ever :-)

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By Patricia Nicholas 13 74 03/04/2009

Have you mentioned this to your doctor? My daughter always thought her shaving problems were just sensitive skin then while trying to solve some other issues she mentioned how her legs would always bleed when she shaved. She didn't cut herself, her skin was just so sensitive that the pores would actually bleed a little bit. Turns out she had some kind of hormonal imbalance and that was one of the more uncommon side effects. If that isn't the issue, try Chi Chi Cream, it works wonders for avoiding razor burn.

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By Chuck 22 182 03/04/2009

This may seem strange coming from a guy. An old one, at that! I've been prescribed thigh-length compression hose to contain or prevent additional damage caused by a blood clot. I'm to wear it on my left leg during the day and do without at night, when I'm not on my feet.
I've found that an after-effect is the elastic hose somehow "rubs" off the hair. Maybe this can work for the ladies too, if they can find and wear different types of support hose while they sleep.
I'd surely like to know if it works for others.

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By Louise B. 6 2,541 03/04/2009

I use an electric razor. You might want to try that, as it is not as hard on the skin as a razor blade.

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By Annie Rios Hill 14 1,777 03/06/2009

You may want to apply lotion before you even get in shave. Another thing is it is best to shave after
you have had a bit of exercise. I have always used a dab or two of hair conditioner on my legs before shaving
instead of shaving creams. Good luck

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