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Onion Smell in Bowls

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Does anyone know how to get onion smell out of bowls? Washing does not take all the smell out and I would like to remove it all. Any ideas would be helpful.

Thank you,
Maryetta47 from Michigan



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By Dale Choi (Guest Post)02/04/2008

Keep milk in the bowls, it works in your mouth too. Just hold some milk in your mouth and the smell goes away.

By Amy (Guest Post)02/06/2007

I agree with the baking soda person. Easy - and it works.

By jana (Guest Post)03/18/2006

i had the same problem a few months back and asked my elderly neighbor if she knew of any remedy to get the smell out. she told me that if you put dry coffee grounds in a nylon pantyhose that you cut off at about the ankle, and put a knot in it, then place it in the bowl, cover it and in a couple days the smell will be gone. it worked!

By Claudia- MD (Guest Post)03/07/2006

I swear by Clorox Cleanup. I would soak the bowl overnight in a solution of 1/4 Clorox CleanUp and 3/4 water.

By Cindy Kosloski [1]03/07/2006

I've always use baking soda and hot water
soak your bowl in the soda water mixture for about an hour that should take that icky smell right out

By suzana (Guest Post)03/06/2006

Use lemon juice of used lemon half that you already prepared your lemonade with. Just soak your bowl a little bit in juice, than rinse. It really works. I also use it for the smell on my hands or dark stains when preparing young potatoes.

By it' [165]03/06/2006

Soak with bleach and water. Rinse well. Let air dry.

By (Guest Post)03/06/2006

put crumpled up newspaper w/ black print inside the bowls and seal shut for a few days. This works well with "tupperware."

By connie03/06/2006

Try rubbing the bowl with kosher salt (and a wet rag)-regular salt would probably work too. I use kosher on my cutting board after cutting onion and it gets the smell right out!

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