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Getting Bonded in North Carolina

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Does anyone know the procedure for getting bonded in NC? I want to start a small business but have been told that I should be bonded first.

By Cricketnc from Parkton, NC


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By Anonymous [848]06/06/2009

Hi again Cricketnc :-) You're welcome :-) It will depend on what business and what coverage you should have. Depending on the business you might not need to be bonded but you should definitely make sure you have liability coverage! Make a long, long list of questions to ask each and every insurance agent and weigh the results! Oh, and be sure to have it all in writing and review well before signing on the dotted line for the bond/liability policy! ;-)

By Cricket [201]06/06/2009

Does anyone have a clue as to the price? I hadn't thought about that part! LOL I'm not lookiing for an exact price, but are we talking less than $100, several hundred, or OMG over $1000? Also any clue as to how long it takes?

Thanks grannygirl and Deeli for your help!

By Anonymous [848]06/05/2009

Yep, definitely call an insurance agent. It would be wise to call about a half dozen to get the best deal for both the cost and coverage.

By Patricia Hamm [4]06/05/2009

All you have to do is call your car insurance agent. Nationwide does bonding and when it is necessary I just call my agent. Hope this helps.

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