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Canning Homemade Soup

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Canning Homemade Soup

Canning your favorite homemade soups is a great alternative to buying commercial varieties. This is a guide about canning homemade soup.



Here are questions related to Canning Homemade Soup.

Question: Preservatives for Canning Soup

What kind of preservatives would I use when canning vegetable soup in jars? How long can I keep them before they spoil? I am using all natural straight from the ground vegetables for this soup.

By Lavoris from Little Rock, AR


Best Answer

By LouiseCook [4]12/21/2009

As the other feedback says,you need a pressure cooker but you will also need to add a teaspoon of salt to each jar of soup. That is a preservative in its self. Look up and ask for their blue book. It tells you what you need to know about canning. Be especially careful about sterilizing your jars and rings, for they can carry germs that will cause your soup etc to spoil. I've canned Moose meat with gravy and it's the best I've ever eaten.

Question: Canning Soup Containing Cabbage

Can I can homemade soup with cabbage in it?

By Kathy S from PDC, WI


Most Recent Answer

By Elaine D. [9]08/30/2011

I always add cabbage to my veggie soup even when I make my WW version without any meat. It really adds a lot to it. If I don't have a head of cabbage I just buy a small bag of shredded cabbage (cole slaw) and add some of that.

Question: Stew and Soup Canning Recipes

Does anyone have anyone have any canning recipes or site(s) that have canning recipes on them? When I do a search it's just too much to look through. I am specifically looking for stew and soup recipes.

Thank you,
Mindy from Oregon

Most Recent Answer

By Laurie [43]09/21/2006

Hi Mindy,
I use the site the previous person posted.

Question: Storing Homemade Soup

I'm single and made a large pot of soup. I wanted to save some. I put the hot soup in a jar with a tight lid. It cooled and the lid popped in good seal. How long can I keep in refrigerator or not and be safe?

By Ray

Most Recent Answer

By Dinah Ackerson [2]02/26/2015

From your letter, it appears that you did not properly can the soup but, rather, just put it in a jar. Whether the lid "popped" or not, the soup is not safely canned. Depending upon the ingredients, the soup may last a few days to a week in your refridgerator. Why not just freeze?

Question: Canning Soups Without a Pressure Canner

What kind of soup using tomatoes can be canned "without" using a pressure canner?

By Betsy from Waynesville, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Littleblessings F.08/15/2014

All soups require pressure canning.

Question: Canning Your Homemade Soup

I had heard when canning homemade soup you just need to cook it like you are going to serve it, then fill the jars and turn them upside down. Does this work to create a proper seal?

By Heather from West Liberty, KY

Most Recent Answer

By Lisa [2]07/17/2010

I wouldn't do or trust it. Read the archived information below. I have a book about canning from Ball (Ball Blue Book of Preserving). It has very detailed information about how to can/preserve different things. You don't want to mess around with this, whoever consumes the food could get deathly ill!

Question: Pressure Canning Homemade Soup

How long and at what pressure should I can quarts of homemade tomato soup?

By Kathy M

Question: Canning Homemade Soup

Can I use rice and barley in homemade chicken soup to can? Does anyone have a good recipe to try?

By Holly S.

Question: Pressure Canning Soup

I live at just under 8000 ft in Colorado. I canned some chicken coconut curry soup and some tortilla chicken soup today. Yep Christmas day and I choose to can. Anyway, I pressure cooked the quart jar for 60 minutes with the weight for 15 pound. Then I read it should have been in for 90 minutes. My pressure cooker is a cheap one, no thermostat, so I trust the temp was high enough. Can I rerun the soup or will that work?

By Trampus

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