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How Much Should an Addition to a House Cost?


How much should I expect to pay for an addition to my house? I would like to add on approx. 8 x 18 feet to enlarge my master bath and make a bigger closet. I realize a lot of the pricing will depend on the price of the tub, sink, etc, but I am wondering about the base price for the addition itself. Does it normally go by square footage or some other way?

Abby from Pensacola, FL



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By (Guest Post) 11/12/2007 Flag

It depends on where you live and the size of the addition obviously but you can usually get contractors to tell you how much it is to build per square foot and that can give you a rough idea. I know here in Utah it runs in the middle hundreds per square foot. I am sure it is more than that in FL.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 11/12/2007 Flag

I agree with the Guest Post. Because it is a bathroom, it will be more expensive but some considerations are: Will it need a foundation? Electrical? Plumbing? A Roof? All of these things normally need building permits.

Here's a site that has some information about cost per square foot:

So, from this and some other sites I've read, it should cost a minimum of $100 a square foot (8x18x100= $14,400.) Because it is a bathroom, the cost of the fixtures (whether real fancy or not) pipes to bring water to the area, tile or vinyl, etc. and how much of the work you can do yourself, there are so many variables it's hard to even guess.

It would be best to get bids from several contractors and you will have a better idea how much it will really cost. Before you actually choose a contractor, check on their licensing and reputation.

There are so many variables, location, how much earthmoving, etc. it will require, it's pretty hard to give you any kind of accurate estimate.

Susan from ThriftyFun

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By roger 9 17 11/15/2007 Flag

Here in Virginia it was about $100/sf just to renovate my master bath, plus the cost of the tub, vanity, faucets, etc. But it was totally gutted to the studs, some leaks fixed, plumbing upgraded, etc.

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By Josh 19 09/01/2008 Flag

Here is an article that answers the question of house addition cost per square foot: ... ge-cost-per-sqft-of-a-room-addition/

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By nicochess 1 05/18/2012 Flag

by 2012, the cost of home addition c turn around 100 to 150$. See this article on :

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