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Buying a House With Back Owed Taxes


How can I acquire the tax owed home list?

By pjoseph from Port Saint Lucie, FL


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07/29/2009 Flag

Not trying to be rude but, other than making a profit from the misfortune of others, why do you want the list?

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By Betty 104 753 07/29/2009 Flag

SIMPLE, go online to the central appraisal district of your city. Enter in the address and you can see who owns the property, what's been paid every year and what is owed. You can also enter a person's name and find out all the property they own. I't all made public. I did this when my appraisal went up on my property so that I could compare my appraised value to that of others in my neighborhood.

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By Betty 104 753 07/29/2009 Flag

Deeli, would you have any quams about buying a forclosure? No different! Someone's misfortune. There are millions of people wanting to own homes and if this is the only way to get one I say "good luck and God Bless".

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By Betty 104 753 07/29/2009 Flag

I'm appauled at the statements that some people make. Think before speaking (typing).

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07/30/2009 Flag

TXBetty, perhaps you should take your own advice of:

"I'm appalled at the statements that some people make. Think before speaking (typing)."

I was simply asking a question and if pjoseph is asking in order to purchase a home for himself/herself I would hope he/she would say so. I would have no problem with that if a person chooses to do so, but if it's for speculation, I do have a problem with it.

And, yes, for a home for myself, I would have qualms with it because it would haunt me that I got a bargain off the back of anothers misfortune :-(

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By carolcoen 1 121 08/02/2009 Flag

Check out They have a lot of nice houses at reasonable prices.

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By elite 1 06/05/2011 Flag

I would like to know who those people are who lost their house because of tax sales. They are usually due money that they really could use after they were evicted.

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Archive: Buying A House With Back Owed Taxes

How do I find a house that has back taxes owed on it, to buy it? What are the guidelines on doing that? I live in Enid, OK.



RE: Buying A House With Back Owed Taxes

I know someone who lost their land (over 150 acres and their house) to back taxes. The new people that bought it did so by going to a tax sale auction. Each county has them. Call your local county tax auditor. Homes don't go for only $100 like they advertise on TV, but they do go fairly cheaply. The one I described above went for $80,000 back in the early 90's and probably double that today. This was in a remote part of the state and the house was home-built from unpainted plywood and falling apart.

The cool surprise for the guy who bought the place was that it had a whole machine shop in the basement with lots of huge machining tools. The house was originally owned by an 86 year old inventor (he was born in 1899). He was a very cool guy, but left the land to his daughter, who failed to pay the taxes. (05/27/2008)

By Cyinda

RE: Buying A House With Back Owed Taxes

Someone has to pay the back taxes and that is the person who buys the property. Properties that are to be foreclosed are listed in the newspapers. Or locate a bank that has these properties on their books or consult with attorneys that do this type of work. Any attorney could direct you to one. (05/28/2008)

By Harry

RE: Buying A House With Back Owed Taxes

Try the HUD website, or google the website for your county and look for the properties scheduled for sheriff's sale. You can look up the property at your county courthouse, and see what taxes and leins are owed against the property. Some of the time the banks that carry the primary mortgages buy them back at the sheriff's sale and sell them through a realtor, that's another way to get a great deal. (06/01/2008)

By Amy

RE: Buying A House With Back Owed Taxes

The best bet is the county courthouse. You can even go online in larger counties to find out which homes have taxes owed. The county is also required to make an announcement in the newspaper giving the plat location, type of property and other details. (06/04/2008)

By kaycee2001

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