Removing Crease Left Behind After Removing Hem


I'm quite tall and always have to let the hems down in any pants I buy for added length. Recently, I purchased a pair of cotton twill cream colored pants and after letting the hem down, I can't get the crease out. I've tried all my past tricks i.e. ironing, steaming and white vinegar... nothing is working. Please help.

Eva from Roscoe, IL



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By Pat (Guest Post) 05/11/2006

Put lace or some kind of trim along the seem.

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By (Guest Post) 05/11/2006

Thirty years ago when I was in college and money was tight I use to put really sharp creases in my jeans. While they were still wet out of the washer I'd lay them out with a crease and then use a kitchen knife to gently run up and down the crease and they came out really pronounced. Maybe it would work for you in reverse, to take out creases. Wet the hem, lay it flat and gently run a knife over the seam to try to work it out.

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By Judy from Pa (Guest Post) 05/12/2006

I have used a pressing cloth with vinegar. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. The vinegar smell will go away. I would give it a try.

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