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Canning Soups That Contain Milk


I want to can cream of broccoli and corn chowder soup and want to know if I make it with milk and and thicken with butter and flour will this be okay? How long and do I hot bath or pressure can it?

By Lucy from Madison, NY


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By Lenny 1 12/02/2010 Flag

I have been thinking about this for a while. I think hot bath, and eat it within 2 weeks. I am going to work on this myself, also so will write back. I have 26 years experience in restaurants, and am trying to start my own business.

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My sister-in-law made some potato soup and put it in canning jars. She asked me if they would have to be put in the refrigerator or not. I did not know that answer. Can you help?

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By Patty 5 72 05/20/2011 Flag

Thanks for asking this question. It caused me to be curious so I looked it up on my search engine. I found this website. I think you'll like it.

I think I'll try canning some soup this year. :-))

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Archive: Canning Soups That Contain Milk

I canned homemade cream of tomato soup and then read that I shouldn't can anything with milk in it. Can I open the jars and freeze the soup?

By Berni in Mich from MI

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