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Buy Big, Freeze Small

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Buying meat in the "family packs" is almost always cheaper. I buy the small freezer bags so I can freeze in portions that I will use later. I wrap each chicken breast (for example) in plastic wrap and then put the pieces into one or two gallon freezer bags. Since each piece of meat is wrapped in plastic, they don't stick together when they freeze and they are also less likely to get freezer burn. Then I can pull out exactly how much I want and don't have too much or too little.

By Lisa T.



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By Faye (Guest Post)10/01/2004

I have found that if you 1st wrap meat in plastic wrap & then in foil wrap - label it & then wrap it again in plastic wrap that you almost always avoid "Freezer burn"

This may seem like "over kill". but I have thawed meat from the freezer after several months and it is just like it came from the fresh meat counter!!

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