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Keeping Asian Beetles Out of My House

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I am looking for a natural way to get rid of Asian lady bugs in the house. I have vacuumed them up in past years, but they continue to come in during the spring time. I just want them to go away. I have an old house so they have lots of places to get in.

By Kippy from Ashtabula, OH


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Question: Getting Rid of Asian Beetles

Every fall, when the soybeans are picked, we are swarmed by Asian beetles. They come inside through the tiniest crack around windows and doors. They smell terrible when they are crushed. How can we keep them outside?

By Jean

Most Recent Answer

By Myrna [13]10/31/2011

Here's what we do around the home front: Get those cans of bombing spray (Family Dollar) for insect control. Place them under your house in various locations. Close all doorways to the crawl space. This helps control most of the problem. Those that do get inside the house, I use a glass jar with a lid and about 1/4 cup of Pine Sol. Using the lid, scoop the beetles into the jar and close up. Give a gentle shake and they die without the odor. When you have enough beetles in the jar of Pine Sol, you can flush down the commode and start again.

Beetles are attracted to light; ceiling lights, lamps, computer screen you will find them crawling up the walls near them. You might want to keep several jars around the house in different places for easy access to help control. Using a vacuum on them to suck 'em up only helps make their odor linger and not too pleasant when using the vacuum either.


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Archive: Keeping Asian Beetles Out of My House

I have a chalet in WV and use it two weekends a month. In late Fall millions of Asian beetles (that look like ladybugs) fly in mass from the mountains and head for my chalet for warmth. When I arrive my 22' windows are black with bugs, the tub is filled, and the ceilings are alive.

I cannot figure out how they are getting inside of the house. I'm thinking around the tracks of the two sliding doors maybe? I've asked what to use at DITY stores and folks say you can't fill up the sliding door track and still use the door. Is there an experienced person with the answer or some other suggestion? Thanks.

By Manorris01 from Dunkirk, MD

RE: Keeping Asian Beetles Out of My House

The lady bugs are harmless. I live in the North and every fall my house is covered with the bugs. Some show up in the house all winter long. Lady bugs eat other smaller bugs. They can get in the house through the smallest of openings. So you may want to close up any openings you may find. Other than that just sweep them up and toss them outside. (04/23/2009)

By foxrun41

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