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Who Should Wear Bangs?

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Do bangs make women look younger and who should wear them?

sunflower71 from Detroit, MI



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By KLS8800 (Guest Post)03/27/2006

I think people should wear 'bangs' if they want to. If it looks good on them is a matter of opinion. Person A may think that person looks great, whereas Person B may not. I say the only opinion that matter is the person with the hairstyle.

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)03/25/2006

The only people who should wear bangs are those with high foreheads.. It has nothing to do with age... The style of your hair has more to do with the shape of your face... I have a medium forehead. I think the hairstylist is using a very very strands of hair to soften the look around my face and to cover a few wrinkles that are starting to form on my forehead.. Anyone over 30 should not wear a severe hairstyle... imho... You need to soften your look as you mature..

By Debbie Dzurilla [28]03/25/2006

I have a short style w/bangs and I am 53. I've worn bangs most of my life. I have a round face and think I look good with bangs.

By Candi03/25/2006

As a beautician of 35 years We were taught to look at a person from the side and make an imaginary oval and then from the front for the oval as it was considered the perfect shape and that will help determine if one should have bangs and what kind of bangs one should have.As far a looking younger I do beleive the whole hair style would be more helpful rather than just the bangs and don't forget hair color The right shade is important. also as a 55 year old. I don't want to look 25 or even 35 but looking grreat for my age is jsut as important as looking younger!

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