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Growing Acai Seeds

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I just got some Acai seeds and can't find anything on the internet about how to grow them. Does anyone in the Thriftyfun community have experience growing this fruit? I live in Oregon, which has a hardiness zone of 8-9.

By Orugun1 from Wilsonville, OR


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By KL [3]04/24/2009

It is hard to find info from sources other than those trying to sell you something. ... _palm.html?singlepage=true&cat=5

And from:

Q: Why can't I grow Acai Palm trees outside of South America?

A: The Acai Palm can technically grow anywhere that other Palm trees can survive, however the extremely High levels of Antioxidents and other benefits derived from the Acai berry would be greatly dimenshed, due to the lack of Heavy UltraViolet rays that constantly bombard Acai Palms in their native environment.

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