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Removing Grape Juice Stains from a Tablecloth

Grape juice that is splashing out of the cup.

Kids love grape juice, so stains from spills are inevitable. Unfortunately grape juice stains can be tough to remove. This is a guide about removing grape juice stains from a tablecloth.



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Question: Grape Juice Stains on a Tablecloth

How do you remove grape juice stains that have dried into tablecloth?

J.Wilson from Denver, CO

Most Recent Answer

By JILL03/13/2006

First try an ammonia solution, which is 1 tablespoon of household ammonia with 1/2 cup of water,and then try a vinegar solution, which is 1/3 cup of white vinegar and 2/3 cup of water.
If you do the vinegar solution hang the tablecloth out in the sun.
Good luck!