Crafts Using Fabric Samples

Crafts Using Fabric SamplesFabric Sample Quilt

Fabric samples, especially upholstery and drapery, are excellent for use in crafting. This is a guide about crafts using fabric samples.


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Tip: Craft: Fabric Sample Quilt

Photo of Quilt made from fabric sampleWhen I worked at a wallpaper store, periodically they would toss out outdated books and I would save the fabric samples. Eventually, I had enough to make a quilt and then bought enough of the navy fabric to finish it. I was lucky because my mother's quilt group at church quilted this for me for nothing. Nowadays, you can have someone machine quilt it for you. This particular block is called "Pinwheel"

Collect many scraps to do this quilt with a nice balance between light and dark. You can find many instructions online for assembling the quilt into a pinwheel block. After that, you just have to make enough to fit your particular bed and add some plain fabric for borders.

By Elaine from Belle Plaine, IA

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Tip: Craft: Drapery Sample Tote Bag

Drapery Sample Tote BagI made this purse from drapery samples. Using a basic pattern from a sewing pattern book, I cut out and interfaced a tote bag. I also cut the lining at the same time. Before sewing it together, I made ruffles out of strips that are sewn right side together and then turned and gathered, using a long stitch on your machine. You could also serge the ruffles, thus eliminating turning them and the extra thickness.

I then layered the ruffles, starting with the edge in the center, sew that one, then do the second one and repeat on the other side.

Then I cut one strip to cover the raw edges in the middle that is flat. Add handles after sewing the seams on the tote and add lining, With my lining I put a pocket all around inside the perimeter before I sewed the lining in place.

Keep one side or the bottom open large enough to turn it. You can use fabric that you don't particularly like or is outdated because you only see a small bit of the pattern in the ruffles. I think this looks rather springy.

By Elaine from IA

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Here are questions related to Crafts Using Fabric Samples.

Question: Ideas to Using Fabric Samples

I was given a bag full of fabrics of different types and there are some nice cuts (small ones) of tapestry samples. I would like to know if there is a nice way to use or upcyle them? Thanks.

By Marie from Melbourne - Australia

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By Texanna L. 02/25/2013

Make purses, large patchwork or small evening bag types! Add embellishments and fun decorating!

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Question: Creative Uses for Upholstery Samples


I have just picked up some free treasures at a yard sale: upholstery samples. They are various sizes; most are about the size of your average sofa pillow. The lady says she has as many as I can use at her decorating store.

My daughter and I plan to use them as a fundraiser for the local food bank. We are looking for unusual ideas of things to make out of them (Things that don't require many more supplies).
Obviousy they would make nice pillow tops or placemates.
Any seamstress/crafty people out there have some other ideas?

Cindy in PA

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Most Recent Answer

By Toodles [2] 09/02/2011

They were the perfect size for armchair covers. I folded them lengthwise then ran a seam up the one short side. I then folded it flat to form a triangle at one end and ran a stitch across the triangle part about 3 inches down. Turn it back out and there you have it, a perfect cover to keep the arms of your sofa and chairs nice and clean.
PS- this can also be done with placemats from the dollarstore

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Question: Upholstery Fabric Samples Craft Ideas

Yes, this has been asked before, but I thought I'd ask again and see if anyone has a few new ideas. I picked up a couple of bags of upholstery fabric samples at our local thrift store. They were a steal at $2 and $3 dollars a bag. Now I'd like to get sewing. I've made tote bags, placemats, armchair covers, a bedside caddy, and an armchair caddy. Anyone have any other ideas or websites that might be of interest?

By Toodles

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Most Recent Answer

By zawatsky 12/05/2014

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Question: Crafting With Upholstery Samples

What crafts can be done with upholstery material samples? Any ideas would be appreciated, as I hate to throw them away.

Trina from Washington

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Most Recent Answer

By Deryl McGuire [1] 01/04/2011

You can use them to make beautiful pillows.

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