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Popping Microwave Popcorn Without a Microwave

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I hope that someone can help me. I was given some Microwave popcorn. The only problem is I don't have a microwave to pop it in. Can I pop it on an electric stove and how do I go about doing this? Thank you for any help.

Sandra from Pennsylvania



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By Coreen Hart [73]03/04/2009

I do it all the time. Sometimes microwave popcorn is so cheap I can't resist it, or it gets me a nice rebate. It's already seasoned, which is something I don't do myself, but it's nice for something different. Just pop it like regular popcorn, but don't add any oil. Makes your taste buds happy!

By Katie [3]03/04/2009

I've done it when I was camping and had only a stove in the trailer, no microwave. It turned out fine. I did it just like minnabird suggested.

By Cathy [8]03/04/2009

I would sure give it a try. It was free, so its no loss to you. It's probably better for you done on the stove, anyway. Good luck!

By Misty [4]03/03/2009

Sure you can, scrape the popcorn "stuff" out of the bag into a good sized pan with a lid. Heat it up on the stove top gently shaking it back and forth every once in a while. Once it starts popping continue to shake it back and forth over the heat while it pops so it does not burn. Remember "Jiffy Pop" stove top popcorn with the handle? Like that basically. Just takes a little more work than pushing a button :)

By KL [3]03/03/2009

I have never tried to do it but according to this post it can be done. I suppose it would depend on what type of micro corn you have.

I probably wouldn't try it ...but I am a wimp. I would take it to a friend or family's house and nuke it there. You could even do a bunch at a time and put it in a large tupperware container (let it cool a bit first or the "old maid" kernels will melt the plastic). If it gets stale it can be crisped up in the oven or toaster oven.

You could always email or call the companies toll free number and ask their opinion.

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