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I would like to know if you have to use Mog Pog or is there a way to decoupage cheaper just for practice?

Marilyn from P.Huron, Mi



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By Lori Williams 2 2 01/18/2008

I have always used watered down Elmers glueall or school glue. It is SO much cheaper!

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By jean (Guest Post) 01/18/2008

You can mix 3 parts white glue to one part water for a modpodgish type finish.

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By Dana 1 123 01/18/2008

I agree, diluted white glue works great and when you're done decoupaging, could you share a picture of your creation with us?

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By Lora Herrin 2 2 01/19/2008

What I used to do was put some paint thinner in a quart jar, about a third of the jar and then take styrofoam egg cartons or other styrofoam works too (all the same color) and put them in the jar. The paint thinner will melt the styrofoam and the mixture will become thick. Keep the lid on the jar so the thinner doesn't evaporate when your not using it. Once you've achieved a good consistancy, use a paint brush to apply it to your project.

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