Cat Urine on Dog bed


My cat has just peed on our dog's bed. Right after I felt the wet spot I wiped it with soap and water. After that I did a mixture of vinager and water, it's still wet and smells like cat pee and vinegar. It still stinks. And I mean stinks. I can't wash the dog bed because there's nothing on the tag saying anything about machine wash or any wash. So I don't know if I should even just soak it in the bathtub. It's polyester fiber, with no removeable covering. Please Help!




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By debra gorden (Guest Post) 05/09/2005

use spray and wash (laundry spray) it cleans the smell and the spot will dissapear, its really good on carpet

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By suzi homemaker (Guest Post) 05/10/2005

This recipe works on anything with cat urine on it from carpet to beds to whole chairs. I bought a small chaise lounge chair for toddlers at a yard sale only to discover it was covered in cat pee. I soaked it in a kiddie pool in this solution and then dried it in the sun. I did it twice to make sure all of the odor was gone so that my male dogs wouldn't get any ideas about urinating on it. The recipe is 2 TBS of dawn dish liquid, 2 TBS baking soda, 16 oz. hydrogen peroxide. Mix and pour on affected area. Let dry naturally. Do not blot or dry up.It is the ONLY thing I have ever found to be successful!

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By saandy (Guest Post) 05/10/2005

well i wash all my dogs beds. i figure if it doesnt come out right OK because i wouldnt have used it again any way. if the bed smells as bad as you say you probably wouldnt use it so try washing it.

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By jaxi3 (Guest Post) 05/10/2005

For cat urine damage, I always use baking soda. just let it sit on the spot for a while and vacuum or shake out. You may have to do it more than once, but it does work. Vinegar is also fantastic to keep the smell out of the air, just set out dishes of vinegar and it will absorb the smells of anything. Good Luck

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By amanda 3 09/20/2008

I cant imagine for a second that a dog bed wouldnt be washable - & lets face it, if its soaked in cat pee you've got nothing to lose but to try a couple of things. The alternative is to throw it out & get a new one.

I adore my cats & have tried so many different products to clean cat pee out of various things, the one I swear by is a recipe I mix up myself out of a few household items, it works without fail, everytime & the smell never comes back.

I got the recipe from www.caturineoff.com - if you want to get rid of the cat pee you have to try this. (I'd tell you the recipe, but these people have saved my marriage more than once so they deserve the referal)

Editors Note The website appears to be no longer valid.

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By Red Neck (Guest Post) 10/23/2008

If you could ask the cat its opinion, it would probably tell you to take the bed away from the dog and give it over to the cat, which would then merrily proceed to shred it.

Polyester fiber (same stuff used to fill some pillows) can be washed. If the dog bed is too large to go in your washing machine, a neighborhood laundromat may have an oversize tumble washer in which it will fit.

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