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Dentures Are Hurting My Gums

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How long will my dentures hurt my gums? It's been 2 weeks since I had my teeth pulled and the dentures put in.



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By mstiger07/09/2010

I have had pain in the beginning until the swelling went down. But, I still can't wear them any longer than four hours. I have upper and waiting for surgery on four teeth on bottom. I totally hate the whole idea. But, mostly hate how I look. It has only been three weeks that I have been wearing upper now.

By donita [23]07/28/2009

Hi, I know what your going through, don't give up & leave them in, someone my say to you, take them out at nite, cause you take your shoes off at nite, but don't listen to that bull, leave them in. I had lots sore spots& even burning in my gums, it was awful for a long time. I made my mind up to stop the paste stuff, & just do it natural, that paste stuff I went through so much,its awful. Also try peroxide to gargle, it helps a lot, also the benzodent is wonderful for the sore spots. Hey good luck you will like them down the road.

By PEnny06/29/2009

I am getting upper dentures at the end of July. I am super scared because of everything I am reading. I have read that within 3 months there will be tons of bone loss and my face will change. That I won't be able to eat steaks and strawberries (why strawberries I dunno). Is this true? What can I expect the 1st couple of months and the next several years?

Sorry to kinda change the subject HRBLOCKGIRL but I thought you ming be curios too.

By Cindy [6]06/23/2009

It took a couple of weeks for me to get used to mine, but WHATEVER you do, don't give up and stop wearing them! It WILL get better and you won't even know they are there. However, you may need an adjustment. Good luck!

By norma carlyon06/16/2009

Ditto to all the above advice. Don't use any of the paste and adhesives that are sold in drug stores, markets, etc. They are made with 'stuff' that is bad for you! Ask your dentist. Your gums will be swollen for a while. At least you can grin and eat! enjoy your new lease on life!

By Beth [25]06/16/2009

My husband took some time getting used to his. There was a big adjustment after the swelling had gone away, and then as your gums continue to change you will need smaller adjustments. It takes a while!

By Linda from Bloomington, IL [67]06/16/2009

Benzodent is not a behind the counter product. Just check the dental aisle. It is in an orange-ish box. Even with it, you should have the dentist make an adjustment. I am surprized he didn't tell you to come in if necessary when you got the dentures. I had two small adjustments one week after I got mine, on each side of the lower plate. The only trouble I have had since is when a chip or piece of popcorn makes a tiny cut. I use benzodent till the cut is healed. This was 30 years ago, I have the same dentures and can eat anything, raw carrots, apples, corn on the cob, etc. Hope you get some relief.

By kay winters [2]06/16/2009

You should have some adjustments come with the purchase of the dentures. I get 3 FREE adjustments with mine. Don't suffer through, call the dentist.

By Joyce Lambert [27]06/16/2009

Several weeks, until the swelling goes down. However, look for a product by the name of benzodent. This was recommended by my dentist several years ago, to use on my gums until they became adjusted to the dentures. Ask your druggist they stock it, may be a"behind the counter" item. Good luck.

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