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Creative Bubble Wrap Ideas

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Creative ways to use bubble wrap. Post your ideas!



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By Nancy Roberts (Guest Post)10/02/2008

Make a bubble wrap bicycle cushion any way you want to! Be creative with bubble wrap and have fun!

By Dononvan (Guest Post)01/27/2008

You can put it on your car door so when someone next to you opens their door they won't scratch or dent your car.

By Emily (Guest Post)02/01/2006

If your angry instead of hurting yourself squeeze the bubble wrap

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]09/16/2004

Instead of sponge painting my dining room window boxs, I used bubble wrap instead. It took on a different look, being that I overlayed it with 2 colors.

Laura Lange
Chicago, IL.

By Jacqui (Guest Post)09/16/2004

Spray paint one side in different colors, especially metallics like gold or silver. It makes a great substitute for tissue paper in a gift bag!

By Susan Sanders-Kinzel [9]09/15/2004

Keep bubble wrap in your car so that if you get caught in the rain, you will have something to keep your hair dry.

By Katz

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