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Garden Gate and Path

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The garden gate as seen from the "Path" side area behind our house, a common area.

Great Granny Vi

Garden Gate and Path Garden Gate and Path

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What a gorgeous garden you have, it is stunning to say the least.

By Vi Johnson [286]11/21/2005

The "path" is the area behind our house that was a tree line windbreak for an orchard before the houses were built. It is used by kids going to/from school, dog walkers and people on bikes.Thank you for the comments. Great Granny Vi

RE: Garden Gate and Path

By Stacey Silva [54]11/17/2005

Oh, that is so nice, someday I want a garden like that where I can go and just enjoy the outdoors for hours with paths, benches and a TON of roses!! Beautiful!

By Katie [4]11/17/2005

I don't know exactly what a path garden is, but I have to say it is LOVELY!! Your gate too!

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