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Uses for Leftover Frosting

Any suggestions for using leftover frosting? I have two containers that are half full and would like to be able to do something with them besides on a cake.

Kim H. from Joppa, MD


Recent Answers

By KL [3]06/25/2008

You can make fudge with frosting. There are a couple of recipes in the comments on this thread:

By Julie [49]06/25/2008

Dip pretzels in them and put in freezer for snacks later.

By Betsy Butler [7]06/25/2008

Ice graham crackers and make them into sandwich cookies! Yum-O!

By Ginger Barachie-Masonheimer [1]06/25/2008

I freeze it. Then when I need to bring a dessert to a party I make sugar cookies from a bag mix. Once cookies are cool. Microwave frosting 30 seconds and icing them up. Everyone will think you were baking all day! I place wax paper between the stacks of cookies until frosting hardens.

By Shellee (Guest Post)06/25/2008

Use it as a dip for strawberries! One of my favorite snacks is chocolate frosting and peanut butter on graham crackers - Delish!

By Judi [17]06/25/2008

You could make another cake! My husband uses it on vanilla wafers and makes a sandwich cookie. I don't much like it so that works out great. You can melt it and pour over ice cream. Or just do what I do: Eat it right out of the can right out of the frig!

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