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Yellow Stains on Bathroom Walls and Floor

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What are the yellow stains I get around one bathroom commode? They are also on the walls and floor. It is made worse with Clorox. Alcohol seems to work. It has yellowed the tub (fake marble) which is never used.

By Bee from New Orleans


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By bee [3]03/14/2010

I didn't have sufficient room to thank all of you who tried to help. I will try the product from Walmart.

By bee [3]03/14/2010

No, it is not urine. I thought at first when we bought the house It was due to the sticky pad which is placed as a seal but things didn't improve after it was changed. It is yellowing the bath surround . Alcohol worked to some extent but it could be due to the strength of the alcohol solution. I've noticed that it was 50%, it use to be sold at 91%.
Only the commode is used in that bathroom. I get some of the same problems around the faucets of the vanity, but these could be due to rust. I've had the stems changed and they are still leaking yellow stuff.

By Judi [17]03/12/2010

How old is the little boy who uses that toilet? Maybe dad needs to retrain him!

By Anonymous [848]03/12/2010

Is the portion of the tub that is stained next to the toilet? Are the stains only on the lower portions of the walls next to/near the toilet and is the floor where the stains are next to the toilet? If so, and it's just a guess and I could be wrong, but does this toilet happen to be used often by the male species? ;-)

If it's everywhere including the ceilings then that would be from steam condensation when taking a shower so maybe leave the bathroom fan on and/or leave the bathroom door open at least a bit.

If the alcohol works best for you then just keep using that ;-) Distilled vinegar should work well, too, if you want to give that a try ;-)

By vicki hood [4]03/12/2010

You have got to catch the idiot that is pissing all over the bathroom. He has really bad manners.

By t [2]03/09/2010

I had a stain in my rented apartment tub that wouldn't go away with Bleach, Comet, Mr. Clean, etc. I bought some Zap Restorer (similar to that old infomercial product restore 4). It was not harsh and removed the stain. It didn't cost much either, about $4-$10. This was a couple years ago. I bought it at Walmart. You may want to try this. It also didn't seem to harm or discolor anything, and even better, no strong fumes.

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