Crafts Using Bowling Balls

Bright Green Bowling Ball

You can create some decorative, unique crafts by working with an old bowling ball. This is a guide about crafts using bowling balls.


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Ladybug Bowling Ball

Ladybug Bowling BallThis is a bowling ball I painted to look like a ladybug. I used eyeglass frame, handles for the antenna, pushed them into corks and glued it to the top of her head. Her back looks really cute but you can't see it in this photo.

I used outside varnish so I can pop it up under a plant. I put a copper pipe in the ground and sat in on that, using one of the holes in the bowling ball, That is to keep it off the ground. A friend of mine made the eyes move. They really do not move in real life. LOL

By Eve from Gulf Coast

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Tip: Use Old Bowling Ball for a Garden Globe

Recycle those old bowling balls. Spray them with primer and then spray paint them any color you choose. Use them as garden globes. The size is a little off but they are not so breakable as the glass globes. Your will just have to buy a stand. This was my idea after breaking so many of those garden globes.

By Linda O from Highland Lakes, NJ

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Question: Attaching Mirror Pieces To Bowling Ball

I'm decorating old bowling balls with old mirror parts. What is the best way to break an old thick mirror and the best way to attach it to the bowling ball? Thanks.

Hardiness Zone: 7b

Bonnie from Lascassas

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By mj rayhart. (Guest Post) 05/15/2008

I've used a simple glass cutter (one used to cut window panes or mirror tiles) as well as a glass breaker (a pliers shaped tool used by stain glass workers). To affix glass I've found super glue and/or epoxy to work best.

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Mosaic Bug Bowling Balls

Mosaic Bug Bowling BallscaterpillarMosaic Bug Bowling Balls

Photo Description
I received a few old bowling balls from a friend and wanted to make something cute. I tried painting them but within a couple of months, the sun had eaten through the 4 layers of marine varnish. I decided that tile would be a lot sturdier and hold up to the elements. I bought the tiles and immediately smashed them up. (Gasp!) It was a long process of gluing the tiles down, grouting between the tiles and then applying many layers of grout sealant. I did discover that, while I love crafts, I hate mosaic tiling! But, these guys make me smile. I love watching kids walking down the street and getting excited to see the Very Hungry Caterpillar and his friend the ladybug. (I don't think this one is grouchy, though!)

Photo Location
Torrance, CA (outside of Los Angeles)

By Becky Miles [81]

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By Penny Squeeker (Guest Post) 04/19/2008

That is the prettiest thing! How clever to use those flat marbles! Lots of bowling balls around, nice to have some way to use them! That will brighten up a garden spot! A friend of mine found a bowling ball covered with old pennies. It was nice in a corner of her house. Both would be just wonderful to have as conversational pieces! I think if I find one at a garage sale I might just have to try it!

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By sharon weidensaul 3 28 04/19/2008

Absolutely lovely, Jodi. The display holder is perfect. Thanks for sharing your art! Sharon in Turkey

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By Marni Sorce 04/21/2008

That is too cute! Boy, you could find a bunch of things to do that to. Thanks for sharing!

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This is so cool, most of the good wills and salvation army stores get bowling balls.

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