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Musty Smell on Laundered Towels and Wash Cloths

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I have relatively new towels and wash cloths that are stinky. What can I do to get rid of the odor?

By Fran from Palm Springs, CA


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By Frances Adams [11]05/10/2011

Ours does that from time to time, hubby says it is because all of the detergent, and some water doesn't sling out in the spin, sits in the washer, and gets musty smelling. The baking soda and vinegar worked well for us, as well reducing the number of towels per load, and making sure they didn't sit in either the washer or dryer after the cycle was done.

By vinayaka prasad04/24/2011

Use air freshners in your clothes cabinet.

By vinayaka prasad04/24/2011

Use air fresheners in your clothes cabinet.

By Zetta04/07/2011

Depending on the color of the towels, you could try washing them with a little chlorine bleach along with the detergent. I avoid dark towels because this is the only way I've found to keep my towels smelling fresh.

By Barbara Leviton [6]04/05/2011

We have a front load machine. Most people use too much detergent. A tablespoon of He Tide and a bit of vinegar is all that is needed. Also, in drying, when towels are dried on a high drying section, it breaks up the threads of the towels. Low drying takes a bit longer, but has a softer, better smelling and longer
lasting towel.

By Susan04/04/2011

I would try a thorough wash in hot water with some vinegar in the rinse. If that doesn't work, try another hot wash with about 1/2 cup of baking soda in the wash cycle (or even in a soak cycle).


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Archive: Musty Smell on Laundered Towels and Wash Cloths

I have musty smelling towels after washing. How do I get rid of the smell? Our water smells like rotten eggs, too. It's a new house. Please help!


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